easy ways to save energy

Looking for easy ways to save energy and money? I’ve got you covered with my handy and useful tips.

With energy bills set to rise by £97 a year, it’s a good time to see where you can save money and energy.

The good news is, it’s not difficult to cut back. There are so many ideas on easy ways to save energy contained in these here archives that I thought it might be really useful if I collated them in one post for old and new Moral Fibres readers alike.  

How Does £180 Sound?

If you implemented all of these easy tips I’d estimate you could save at the very least £180 a year.  That’s quite a low estimate. If you followed just two of these tips and turned down the brightness on your TV (saving up to £96 a year), and turned down your thermostat (saving up to £30 a year) then you’d already be saving £126 a year.  Add in the 13 extra tips and you could be saving big time!

Easy Ways to Save Energy In Your Kitchen

Here are some easy ways to save energy in the kitchen.

Ways to Save In Your Living Room

Looking for easy ways to save energy in your living room? I’ve got heaps of ideas for you:

Have you got any easy ways to save energy?  Share with other readers in the comments below!

ps: check out my ideas on how to get your home ready for winter, to help you save energy and money.

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