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I keep a large jar of coconut oil for cooking and baking with, but I keep hearing more and more about how there are so many uses for coconut oil beyond just for culinary purposes.  Then I came across this amazing illustration by Californian artist Yumi Sakugawa for WonderHowTo, and all I can say is wow!  There are so many uses for coconut oil – 21 in fact – for using coconut oil around the home that I just hadn’t realised.

For example, did you know one of the many uses for coconut oil is as a natural and chemical free alternative to using WD40?  I need to tell my dad this as you rarely see him without a can in his hand!  You can also use it as a shaving cream; to condition your hair; to help heal newly tattooed skin; and as a chemical free polish for wooden furniture.  It can even help get rid of head lice naturally.

21 Uses for Coconut Oil:

coconut oil uses

Are you as surprised at me at some of these uses for coconut oil?!  If you’re on Pinterest this is definitely a good one to pin so you can always keep it close to hand!

If you’re looking for cheap coconut oil, the cheapest I found was this 500ml Lucy Bee extra virgin organic coconut oil* for £10 at Holland & Barrett.  500ml should last you for quite some time, as you only need a little at a time.

A quick note: despite the name, coconut oil is solid.  I find the best way to scoop it out is to place a metal spoon in hot water, and then scoop out what you need.   Then warming it in your hands is generally enough to liquify it if you’re using it for skincare purposes, otherwise you can scoop some out, place it in a bowl and microwave it in 10 second increments until it’s melted.  In warm weather you might find it’s pliable enough not to require warming.

Coconut image by MTSOFan.

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