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A Bra Fitting Tip to Make Your Bra Last Longer

bra fitting tip

I’ve got a simple but genius bra fitting tip for you today that will prolong the life of your bra.  Making clothes (including underwear) last longer is always good for you, money wise, and good for the environment so it’s a complete win win!

Now, I don’t know about you but whenever I’ve bought a bra I’ve always bought one that fits on the middle hooks.  In fact I’ve always been a bit mystified as to why there are 3 different hooks on a bra.  I had always assumed it was so that you had a bit of leeway with your bra – you know, in case you lost or gained a bit of weight.  Even when I’ve gone to a shop for a bra fitting generally the bra fitter has also fitted the bra on the middle hooks.

It turns out this is the wrong approach to bra fitting.

The simple (but genius) bra fitting trick to make your bras last longer, that every woman should know

A Simple (But Genius!) Bra Fitting Tip

In this post from Refinery29, they suggest, once you’ve found the correct cup and band size, that when fitting your bra you should fasten the bra on the outermost hooks, so that as the bra stretches through wear you can make it tighter.

Heidi Zak, cofounder of online bra shop Thirdlove explains this bra fitting method: “The way you extend the life of the bra is as the band stretches — the elastic breaks down, and if you wear it every day for six months to a year — you move it in and tighten.  The one thing women should know is, if you’re trying a bra on that you’ve ordered at home or in a fitting room, you should only be trying it on the last hook, and it should be quite snug”.

This is a revelation to me – I’ll certainly be putting this into practice next time I’m bra shopping!

ps: you might be interested in this guide to ethical underwear and this guide on how to recycle your bras ;)


  1. This post came at just the right time I was trying to remember where I had read about bra recycling and ta da up this post came in my inbox with the link to your old post :)

    It’s a great tip (although I confess I already did this) it really does help your bras last.

  2. It doesn’t seem such a great idea to wear the same bra every day for months on end whatever set of hooks you fasten it on.

    • No, I wouldn’t fancy wearing the same bra every day either! But the three hook idea is a great one with a bra that you wear fairly regularly (just not perhaps every day!)


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