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Can switching energy suppliers be a life changing experience?

brighter world energy

This is a sponsored post in association with Brighter World Energy.

Shopping around for an energy deal is, let’s face it, dull and very rarely life changing.  It’s something we put off and put off and so we sit on the same old tariff because it seems like too much hassle to switch suppliers.  I know this from first hand experience – we sat for years on the same old tariff because we couldn’t face the thought of switching.  When we did finally switch, although it wasn’t life changing, it wasn’t nearly as painful or as difficult as we had anticipated.

But what if switching energy suppliers could be a life changing experience?

There’s a new energy supplier on the block called Brighter World Energy, who are a refreshing alternative to the Big Six energy companies.

Instead of acquiring customers on cheap fixed tariffs and then revert them on to expensive standard tariffs a year later –a practice commonplace amongst the Big Six – Brighter World Energy charge a fair price all the time, consistently ensuring all customers are getting a good deal all of the time, not just the new customers.  At at time when 3 out of 5 people are being over charged for their energy this is very much a good thing.

I know what you’re thinking – this is well and good but hardly life changing stuff.  But there is more – right now there are 1.2 billion people around the world without access to electricity – 600 million of which are in sub-Saharan Africa.  Brighter World Energy hope to change that.  For every 2,000 customers that switch to Brighter World Energy, they will build a solar powered grid in a village in Africa, bringing clean and reliable electricity to families in villages for the very first time.

Providing power to villages means that, for example, health centres can be powered, enabling malaria and polio vaccines to be stored safely, meaning fewer children die of preventable diseases.  If that isn’t life changing then I don’t know what is.

Brighter World Energy are the first buy-to-give energy company but you won’t find Brighter World Energy on the price comparison sites.  These sites make their money by charging utility companies up to £70 for every customer that makes a switch.  Instead the savings from not being on the comparison sites goes directly to fund the solar grids.

Not being on the price comparison sites doesn’t mean they are not competitively priced – Brighter World Energy say that switching to their tariff can save the average household up to £200 a year when compared to the average standard variable tariff of the Big Six energy providers.

Once you sign up, you’ll be kept up to date online with images, case studies and videos live from the villages who are being helped with the solar grids, as well as receiving the annual impact report, so that customers can see the impact they have made.

You can get a quote for either gas, electricity or dual fuel via the Brighter World Energy website, where all you have to do is pop your postcode in and you’re given an estimated quote in seconds, or you can call them on 0800 028 2332.  So in minutes you can save money and change someone’s live for the better.  It’s not often you can change someone’s life from the comfort of your own sofa, it it?!


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