climate change posters

Have you heard of Do The Green Thing?  Do The Green Thing is a public service to inspire people to lead greener lives, typically teaming up with creatives to produce striking and memorable campaigns.

For their latest campaign, Do The Green Thing will be releasing a poster a day throughout March – starting today up until Earth Hour on 23rd March (8:30pm) – encouraging people to take small steps to do the green thing:

do the green thing

Do The Green Thing say that they hope the posters, designed by top artists, will help encourage people “to take simple green actions at home, school or work. Those actions include walking, cycling, eating a little less meat, switching off lights and appliances, and enjoying a jumper or a hug instead of turning up the heating“.*

The first one is up on their Tumblr site today.  Make sure you follow along in March to see them all!

* source: Creative Review