The Environmental Impact of Music Festivals?

environmental impact of music festivals

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Are you a festival goer?  I used to be a prolific festival goer in my teens and early twenties, but now mid-thirties, with two kids in tow, sadly not so much.  That being said, we did think that maybe this should be the year that we dust off our tent and go to a festival, kids and all.  Green Man Festival has a fantastic lineup, but sadly we pondered too long and it’s all sold out now!

Something I have never really thought about is the environmental impact of music festivals, but the people at W.F. Denny sent me this infographic, which was pretty thought provoking:

WF Denny - festivals and packaging waste

Here are some interesting reads on the subject if you want to find out more:

The Music Industry’s Battle Against Plastic Junk – Rolling Stone

A video showing the scale of the extent of the problem – NME

Tens of Thousands of Tents Are Discarded At Festivals – And I Know Why – The Guardian

The Love Your Tent campaign

What Happens To All The Tents Left Behind at Glastonbury? – Somerset Live

Definitely food for thought this festival season.

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  1. That is so sad. It would be nice to see the organisers bring in rules to limit the amount of waste left behind. I’m not entirely sure how they could prevent people leaving tents and chairs about. Perhaps if they had a charity donation area where people could take things they don’t want to take home? I’m sure they could work with some of their vendors to try and reduce waste as well.


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