Ethical Bedroom Inspiration

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Whilst we’re impatiently patiently waiting on our local council to approve our building works I’m been imagining what our bedroom might look like when all the work is done and dusted.  I may have said this a hundred times before, but currently our bedroom sports a large hole in the wall, a cupboard door is off it’s hinges, and there’s a dingy blue threadbare carpet.  Needless to say it’s not my favourite room in the house, so I can’t wait until we can put our mark on the place.

Here’s what ethical bedroom furnishings have caught my eye:

ethical bedroom

This flannel bedding from Urbanara* – because if there is anything more comfortable to sleep on than flannel then I haven’t found it.  These ones are made in Portugal to Oekotex standards.

An Ercol bed – I’m after a secondhand one of these, Gumtree gods be kind, you hear!

I found some lovely baskets for storage from The Future Kept – because can you ever have enough storage?  These ones are ethically made and available via the ever lovely Future Kept.

This wool blanket from Urbanara* – because even though it’s the end of April it snowed the other day, and we’ve had our fire lit the last few evenings. Also, again, can you ever have enough blankets?  I think not!  This 100% pure wool one is made in the EU with wool sourced from Norway and the Faroe Islands.

ethical bedroom inspiration

I’m also thinking about some blackout energy saving blinds, like these here from Velux, to help save energy and block light out, and plants, lots of plants!  This plant hanger from Aerende would fit the bill nicely.  And I have my eye on this beautiful Octopus print from Ross and Brown.

If you’re after mattresses, duvets, etc I put a post together a little while ago about ethical bedding that you might find useful.  As an update to that post, we finally bought a new mattress at the start of this year, and said adios to my ancient mattress.  We didn’t buy the one in the post in the end – one of my friends emigrated to Australia so we bought the mattress from her guest room off of her.  Whilst we were really sad to see our friend leave for the other side of the world, we now have a rather lovely pillow top mattress and we have never slept on anything so luxurious in our lives.  Swings and roundabouts indeed.


  1. For second hand beds try the auction houses, they are cheap although you must factor in the commission. Second hand furniture is usually very reasonable

  2. I’m loving the colour scheme you seem to be onto here – as well as the image at the top. You can see all the fibres of materials, which just feels rustic and authentic. I love the pops of green too – especially in the top pic which you should definitely use as inspiration. Green is a brave option (slightly unusual) but is scientifically proven to be calming – why wouldn’t you want that in a bedroom?


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