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The other week I did a run-down of where to buy ethical womens underwear and promised I would write an ethical mens underwear guide too.  So true to my word, here is a guide to some of the ethical options for male pants, briefs and boxers, depending on your preference.

As always seems to be the case when it comes to men’s ethical apparel, sadly, the market for ethical mens underwear is considerably smaller than the women’s market.  So you are a little more constrained, guys.  But don’t despair – I’ve tracked down some great companies for you today:

Ethical Mens Underwear Companies


organic ethical underwear for men

DaDa is an Edinburgh based boutique underwear company making rather jaunty and stylish ethical mens underwear.  Made from bamboo and organic cotton in Sri Lanka to strict ethical guidelines, DaDa’s briefs, trunks and boxer shorts, make great soft and comfortable ethical under garments for the discerning gentleman.  Each pair is around £18, and their pastel or stripe styling is a breezy alternative to your run-of-the-mill plain white smalls.  (2017 edit – DaDa have sadly ceased trading).

BAM: Bamboo Clothing

Plymouth based Bam: Bamboo pants are made of exactly what the name suggests: bamboo (as well as being blended with a bit of cotton!).  These have rave reviews from sportsmen and outdoorsy types looking for high performance technical underwear in basic colourways.  Their pants are ethically produced in Europe and Turkey. Prices range from £12 to £18.

Living Crafts

Living Crafts are a German based company who make ethically produced basic pants, trunks and boxer shorts.  They are available in the UK online via By Nature, from £8.95.

Peau Ethique

Peau Ethique are a French based mother and daughter company, specialising in underwear.  With transparent and ethical operating procedures, your pants and conscience can be clear!  Again, their ethical mens underwear is available in the UK through FabOrganics, who have a very limited selection of, ahem, one basic pair of boxer shorts.  They are currently in the sale for £13.75.

Do You Green

Do You Green are another French based outfit.  Although predominantly makers of ladies eco-friendly lingerie, they have branched out into ethical mens underwear.  Again a very limited selection of one pair is available on By Nature.  I promise I’m not sponsored by By Nature, it’s just as I said, the market for ethical men’s underwear in the UK is very very small!  Unusually produced from recycled white pine tree, apparently they are silky soft with a cashmere feel, yet with the breathability of linen.  They cost £15.95.

2017 edit – Do You Green are no longer available in the UK.

I hope you’ve found this guide to ethical mens underwear helpful!  Let me know if you find any other makers/stockists in the comments below and I’ll be sure to update the article!

Images from DaDa.

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