For quite some time now I’ve been recommending Fashion Conscience as a great website stocking a wide range of ethical fashion.  Undoubtedly they do stock a great range of ethical fashion, however a reader got in touch today alerting me to their allegedly terrible refund process.  I say allegedly as I’ve never had to return anything to them, but the reader directed me to this review website with, at time of writing, 39 terrible reviews about the Fashion Conscience return process, with people waiting months and months to get a refund on unsuitable purchases, and about orders not arriving.

Not wanting to rubbish them on the strength of one site I did a search on Twitter to see what people are saying about Fashion Conscience and quite a few tweets backing up the review website appeared:

fashion conscience reviews

Interestingly I’ve also noticed that Fashion Conscience don’t appear to reply to any tweets, positive or negative.

Ethical fashion needs fair and ethical companies running them, and I’m disappointed to see these allegations against them.  While I have no way to verify if these claims against Fashion Conscience are true or not, in light of the lack of responses to customers on Twitter I feel uneasy directing readers towards their site.  I have removed their affiliate advertising from my sidebars, and over the next little while will be going through my archives removing any affiliate links I may have added.  I also won’t be adding any links to their site or recommending them in future ethical fashion posts until things change.

All is not lost: I’ll continue to highlight all of the great ethical fashion companies out there on Moral Fibres (of whom there are many), and in fact I’ve got a great giveaway coming up on Monday with a fantastic ethical fashion retailer whose customer service is second to none!  Check out my ethical fashion category to see other great ethical retailers.

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