How the Great British Spring Clean can help motivate a recycling revolution

I’ve got a sponsored guest post today for you, from Broxap, on recycling and some simple recycling habits you can adopt at home.

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From the 3rd – 5th March 2017, the Great British Spring Clean campaign is responsible for uniting 500,000 volunteers from across 400 UK locations, with the aim of cleaning up our towns, villages, cities and coastlines.

This March, we at Broxap want to to stand with the volunteers and the likes of McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Greggs and the RSPCA in advocating the core message at the heart of this campaign – a clean environment that works for everyone!

This campaign is reliant on individuals who care for their neighbourhoods to take part and making a stand against litter.  Even the campaign name ‘The Great British Spring Clean’ originated from a public vote, so the whole campaign from start to finish is about collective participation.

So how can you take part and help clean up your community?  Well, start by visiting the campaign website:

  • Find an event near you using the map locator
  • Register to take part
  • Oh and check out the awesome campaign equipment on offer – litter pickers, hi-vis Vests, brooms, gloves and other litter clearance hand tools to suit all ages and pockets.  Or alternatively bring your own!

However, at Broxap we recognise the importance of keeping the momentum going even when the campaign finishes.  In our case-studies we’ve worked with schools, businesses, councils, universities and hospitals to help deliver long-term sustainable waste solutions.  Our status as leading street furniture and design manufactures in the UK means we can help influence and facilitate these goals.

At these locations, we’ve installed internal litter bins and external recycling bins as well as dog waste bins and cigarette bins in an attempt to help promote and encourage people to dispose of rubbish in the right way.

There are so many benefits to providing ways in which people can continue to protect the environment, by correctly disposing of waste.  At The University of Warwick we worked closely with them to provide bespoke units to serve as bin stores, with six swing open front facing doors to provide easy access to the bins.  This created a way for students and staff to dispose of litter in a safe and discreet way.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How can you make changes at home?

There are loads of fun and inventive little adjustments that can me made to your recycling routine that make massive strides towards helping the environment:

  • Kitchen compost bin: it’s a misconception that compost bins are exclusively for ‘hardcore recyclers’.  In reality everyone can do this.  Taking food waste and table scraps and turning it into rich, nutrient dense soil for your garden is a great way to recycle, plus it’s fun!  You could even make a compost flowerbed/pot challenge and see whose grows first.
  • Wash and squash: again even this can be fun.  If you have kids or are big kids yourself, you could have a competition to see who can squash their items down the most!  In addition, cans, tins and bottles can all be hand washed and even put through the dishwasher to reduce contamination and create room in recycling bins as well as at landfill.
  • Repurposing: if you’re feeling a little shabby chic old coffee jars can be reused as tea lights, jugs and flowers vases.  Also, say goodbye to tupperware as coffee jars and even jam jars can be used as cocktail glasses and receptacles for homemade pickles, conserves or lemonade – as usually most are airtight.

Whether it be as part of the #GBSpringClean campaign or following some of these recycling tips for the home, every little action has positive consequence, so even if it’s just one small adjustment – it’s still worth doing!

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