Wendy Moral Fibres

Hello!  No Ten Things this week I’m afraid.  One word, which I’m sure you can relate to – LIFE!

In its place, I have written an article for Friends of the Earth this week on how to go (almost) plastic-free in the kitchen, which you can find right this way.  It’s full of practical and realistic advice on going plastic-free, which I’m sure you will find useful.

I say almost plastic-free, because I personally don’t think it’s environmentally friendly or financially prudent to simply throw out all the of the perfectly good and perfectly functioning plastic items in your kitchen, to then go and buy new plastic-free products to replace them.  My very best plastic-free advice is, therefore, to start slow and small and simply replace what breaks or runs out as you go, but do check out the whole article!

I’ve also collaborated with Friends of the Earth on a plastic-free in the kitchen Pinterest board, to act as a useful resource.  If you have any pins to add to it then do let me know!



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