storing spring onions

How to Store Spring Onions

storing spring onions

Now that spring onions are in season, did you know there’s a special technique on how to store spring onions?  It’s true, with this method you can keep your spring onions fresher for longer!

When I used to buy or pick spring onions I used to put them straight into the fridge as they were, and they tended to wilt within a couple of days, tops.  There really is nothing worse than wilted spring onions when you really fancy an omelette or my personal favourite – sprinkled on buttered potatoes!

Recently I learned how to store spring onions correctly.  There’s no special magic involved – just give them the cut flowers treatment!  When you pick or buy your spring onions simply keep them in a glass or vase of water on your kitchen countertop.  There’s no need to refrigerate – just keep the water topped up.

how to store spring onions

Your spring onions will stay firm and crunchy for around a week using this method.  As with flowers, remember to change the water when it turns cloudy for optimum freshness.

You can also store celery, asparagus and other stalky vegetables in this way to help store them longer.  My kitchen is soon going to resemble a florist!

And did you know you can even regrow your spring onions once you’ve finished with them?!  It’s true – no sorcery involved!

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pps: the glasses were a recent charity shop find!

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