Illustrated Guide to Edible Flowers

edible flowers

If you’ve been reading Moral Fibres semi-regularly then you’ll know that I’m into foraging.  From nettles to elderflowers and elderberries, to sloes and blackberries and everything in between, it’s becoming a bit of a passion of mine.  Free food – what’s not to love?!

Whilst reading about foraging online I came across this handy guide to edible flowers on the blog Illustrated Bites.  Illustrated Bites is the creation of  US illustrator Heather Diane, and combines her love of food with her love of illustration.  Her recipes and posts use seasonal produce, which is another love of mine.  Although there haven’t been any new posts in a little while, there is a word of a book coming out next year, which is very exciting!

Heather’s guide to edible flowers is a little US orientated (there aren’t so many hibiscus flowers on these shores!), but still has plenty relevance for anyone living in the northern hemisphere!

edible flowers uk

Were there any surprises here for you?  I personally had no ideas that lilacs are edible flowers.   Also, sunflower petals and buds were a big surprise too!

If you have any recipes for edible flowers then please do share in the comments below!

Lilac flowers image by Johnson Cameraface.

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  1. Pansies are edible too! They look so pretty in salads or to decorate cakes!

    Some of the bee-friendly flowers I have in my garden are also edible apparently, like cornflowers & some of the marigolds – though I can’t say I’ve tried them yet! Maybe I should, because my cornflowers have gone wild!

    Lorna ✿


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