Infused Vinegar for Cleaning

infused vinegar for cleaning

White vinegar is a pretty amazing household cleaner.  It’s incredibly cheap; cuts through dirt, grease, odours and soap scum like nothing else; can be used in a myriad of different ways; and is kinder to the environment than many cleaning products you can buy.  It’s a bit of a miracle cleaning product really when you think about it.

However, there is one downside to vinegar, and it’s quite a biggie.  Vinegar smells of, well, vinegar.  Which isn’t entirely ideal sometimes, and isn’t to everyone’s taste.  Particularly if you are using it in a small space.  

I quite often use a vinegar spray to clean my kitchen, but I don’t want it smell like I’ve been eating fish and chips. 

In this instance I turn to essential oils to fragrance my vinegar.  Or, when I’m feeling super thrifty, I turn to kitchen scraps and herbs picked straight from my garden.    Infusing the vinegar with citrus peelings and my favourite botanicals creates a fresh scent that’s light on the pocket.  

Find out how to make infused vinegar for cleaning in my post with Thought’s blog.

ps: no Ten Things this week whilst I take a little break!

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  1. Lemon is another great way to disguise the smell of vinegar. Add in lemon, lime and vinegar and you’ve got a combination that can’t fail. Whilst I agree I probably don’t want my company to think I’ve been snacking on smelly foods while I wait for them to arrive, I also want my kitchen clean and sparkly by the time they arrive!


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