Sustainable transport - bikes on the beach

How To Make Your Holiday More Eco Friendly

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Thinking of planning a UK holiday and wondering how you can ensure that you don’t damage your green credentials along the way? Well, not to worry as here are some top tips right here for how you can make your holiday more eco-friendly. Sustainable travel doesn’t mean that you skimp on all the best bits, just be a little more aware and take some simple steps to ensure that you are helping to safeguard the precious environment around us!

Deerland safari-a glamping abode from Quality Unearthed

Take a staycation
First off, take a look at where you are heading. Although faraway exotic lands may seem tempting, there is so many wonderful things to be seen here in the UK, so looking a little closer to home could save your air miles, as well as a pretty penny or two. Why not try a new adventure and embark on a glamping holiday? The luxury abodes are perfect for families, offering the luxuries of your home life but situated right in the heart of nature! Many of these come fully equipped with eco-friendly facilities, toiletries and activities, meaning that most of your eco-worries are sorted for you! What’s even better is a select number of glamping locations even come equipped with an eco-friendly hot tub.

Green toiletries
Not green in colour, but green in an eco-friendly way! This is a big change that you can make in your own life, as well as on holiday, swapping out the chemical heavy products for something a little softer to the skin, and to the environment. Try searching out alternatives for products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and sun cream, in todays world, the importance of green products means that they can be readily found in high-street shops.

Footprints in the sand on a beach

Be a responsible guest
There are many steps you can take to make yourself a responsible guest, you may have heard the much-loved phase ‘leave nothing but footprints’ and it may be cliché but it is true! Ensure that you don’t leave any litter around, and keep your credentials as green as possible. Hire bikes or use public transportation over driving around in your own car, ensure you turn off the lights when you leave your abode and keep your showers short. These steps may seem small and simple but will all help contribute to that guilt-free eco-friendly holiday!

Local produce being purchased at a market

Enjoy the local life
When you get to your holiday destination, it’s best to suss out the best places to see and eat early on so that you can plan for your trip. Try to make the most of the wonderful offerings found in the local area, seek out restaurants that serve local produce and head to the local farmers market to pick up some of your own. Knowing where your food comes from is such an important piece of knowledge, on holiday as well as at home! The locals will usually be more that willing to help you out as well, pop into the local shop and pick up some tips on what the locals recommend and you’ll get the best of the hidden gems and enjoy the most authentic experience.

Packed bag for a glamping holiday

Pack smart
There’s nothing worse than having to drag your heavy luggage around, so try and pack light. Opt for versatile outfits that can be interchanged day to day to lessen the laundry load and save your arms. Opting for light layers rather than heavy jumpers is usually the best way to go with this, as you can add or remove layers throughout to keep yourself at the optimum temperature.

Make the most of the great outdoors

The activities you partake in during your holiday will usually depend on the location in which you’re staying, but here are some eco-friendly activities that can be done almost anywhere to help you make the most of the great outdoors!
Stargazing (perfect for both the kids and adults)
Nature walks (animals are best seen out in the wild, so get out and explore!)
Bike ride
Bird watching
Go Geocaching and hunt for treasure
Search for flora and fauna

Sustainable transport - bikes on the beach

Pick greener transport options
Choosing a greener method of transport both to and from your holiday destination will certainly make your holiday more eco-friendly. If you can take a bus, train or any other form of public transport, then you should try to as this is better for the environment than driving. Alternatively, why not try to arrange a carpool to cut down that number of vehicles travelling to the same location? Once you arrive, try to utilize the more natural forms of transport, by foot or by bicycle, as this will give you a better chance to see the true beauty of the natural area, as well as being friendly to the environment, so it is a win-win situation!

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