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So, this month we got the incredibly exciting news that we finally have all the permissions in place to build an extension on to our house.  It’s taken us just shy of two years to even get to this stage where we can finally organise builders to come round to give us quotes.  We got planning permission well over 12 months ago, but things really lagged with Building Standards.

In the end it took a whole extra year after gaining planning permission to gain the Building Warrant, for what is the tiniest extension in the world – an upstairs bathroom that will be built on top of our existing single storey vestibule.

To be honest, in the summer time we were pretty sure we would never get to this stage and we had resigned ourselves to the fact it was never going to happen!  But here we are, two years in, ready to go!

So, what’s our plans for the bathroom?  Well, first things first, insulation.  Our old house is freezing, and our current bathroom is the coldest room in the house, so we are planning on insulating the flip out of the upstairs one.

Secondly, we have done our time living in windowless bathrooms, and while needs must sometimes, we are making sure this bathroom has a window.  As the bathroom will be upstairs, adjacent to the existing loft conversion, we’re planning on adding a VELUX window to the bathroom ceiling.  VELUX do triple glazed ones for extra energy efficiency, and prices are really reasonable for triple glazing – starting from just £629.  We’ll obviously add a blind for privacy: I’ve found VELUX specific blinds here.

Our house has a terrible condensation problem, which we are hoping to help resolve by adding ventilation to our roof,  but we’ll also add an extractor fan to help minimise the condensation problem.  Finally we’ll add energy efficient LED lighting.

Exterior wise – we’re cladding the extension in wood.  I’m not sure exactly what wood yet – but we are seriously considering Scottish grown larch at the moment for it’s sustainability and localness.

Beyond the actual practicalities of the bathroom, we haven’t put any thought at this stage into how we want it to look.  We didn’t want to get carried away before the permissions were in place just in case it all fell through, so have no idea design wise.

There are a couple of key points we’re keen to incorporate – water saving and recycling.   We will look at a water saving shower head, and water saving toilets.  Recycling wise – we have metres of tiles left over from fitting our kitchen and downstairs bathroom a couple of years ago so I plan on reusing them, and we may even look at some kind of upcycled sink.  Beyond that I do not know but I will keep you posted once we start!  Unfortunately the building work won’t be happening any time soon – it’s looking like it will go ahead in summer time.

The other exiting thing is that it means that we can finally sort out the rest of our house too – we have four rooms that are done or are almost done, and the rest of the house is stuck in a 1990’s time warp, a rather scrappy 1990’s time warp at that – with us unwilling to do work on them as we know that they will be quite heavily impacted on by the building works.

Exciting times ahead!