eco-friendly house tour

A Stunning Eco-Friendly House Tour


I love a good look around other people’s houses, especially when they’re as stunning as Artemis Russell’s.  Artemis is a blogger at Junkaholique (one of my all time favourites)  and jewellery maker from the Isle of Wight.  Artemis and her husband Nao have furnished their beautiful home mostly with secondhand car-boot, flea-market and charity shop finds.  This has created a stunning, yet simple look, that’s warm, inviting and easy on the environment.  I couldn’t resist giving you this eco-friendly house tour:

eco interior design

eco friendly living room

eco friendly thrifty dining room

atermis russell junkaholique eco friendly interior

artemis russell

I love all of her vintage and antique finds that together make this home so unique.  It clearly looks like a labour of love!

Artemis is also one crafty mama, and has made a lot of items for her home, including this beautiful mobile for her daughter Pehr, and can we just marvel for a minute at her home-made Wendy house:

home made mobile

diy wendy house

I’m completely smitten with Artemis’s house as a whole and I could post a million more photos of her gorgeous house!  Instead go have a look at Junkaholique and be prepared to lose a good few hours dreamily browsing her archives!

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vegan recipe swaps

Healthier Baking Tips

vegan recipe swaps

You know sometimes when you’re browsing things on the internet, and you get sucked into an internet black hole and end up reading things on a completely different topic than when you first started out?  Or is that just me?!  Well, there I was on Sunday, browsing away and I stumbled upon a great infographic on healthier recipe substitutions for when you’re baking.  The authors say “healthy” but I would say “healthier”, just to be pedantic!

The infographic is especially useful if you’re vegan and/or gluten free and looking for ideas for ingredient substitutions as a lot of the swaps (although not all) are for vegan and/or gluten free foodstuffs.

NB: The original infographic goes into a bit more detail about why the substitutions work and some tips for using them:

healthy sugar substitutions baking healthy vegan egg substitutionshealthy vegan fat substitutions bakinghealthy baking tips healthy flour starch substitutions baking

I haven’t heard many good things about using stevia in place of sugar so I am dubious about that one, and the idea of a cake iced in marshmallow fluff doesn’t especially appeal (although it is vegetarian, surprisingly), but some of the other suggestions sound pretty good.  I’d like to give the chia seeds in place of an egg a go, and I for one am especially intrigued by the idea of using black beans in place of flour in chocolate brownies!  It sounds a bit out there, but I am itching to give it a go just to try it!  Would you do it?  Or have you tried it?  Did it work?  Was it tasty?  I’m all ears!

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Main image from here, all infographic images from The Greatist