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Weekend Links

green living blog

green living blog

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote a weekend links post – apologies, it’s been a busy old time with viewing on our house.  Sadly no sale yet.  It’s my first time selling and after six months of the house being on the market I’m finding it incredibly frustrating, but trying to remain hopeful!  Hope you’ve all had good weeks!

Thanks to all of your amazing help this week, Moral Fibres is currently marginally in the lead in the best eco blog category!  Thank you so so much!  If you haven’t voted then please do – I’d really appreciate your help!  You’ve got until 31st March to cast your vote, here.

A new favourite food blog.

The average electric drill is used for 13 minutes in its entire lifetime – how does it make sense to buy something like that? It’s much more efficient to share it” – the ethos behind this borrowing shop in Berlin.   I’d love to see some of these set up in the UK.

This complex carbohydrates cartoon by illustrator Gemma Correll really made me giggle.

I’m keen to get out in the garden planting.  If you are too, here’s one from the Moral Fibres archives on what to sow in your garden in March.  We’ve decided to grow everything in pots this year so we can move our veggies if we ever do manage to move house this year!

Paris makes a bold move and bans 50% of cars on the road.  I can’t imagine this ever happening in the UK!

In response to severe drought, these Californian salmon are being transported to breeding grounds by truck.

Wrapping paper impregnated with seeds – what an extra special touch to any gift.

Have a lovely weekend folks – see you next week!


Main image by Paul Blakeman.


Best Eco Blog?

best eco blog

best eco blog

Some lovely person, or persons, has/have nominated Moral Fibres for best eco blog in Prime Location’s Blog Awards!  If it was you then thank you ever so much – I’m so incredibly flattered!

Prime Location are now inviting people to vote for the blog they want to win.  At the moment I’m just a little bit behind the current leader, so I’d really really appreciate it if you could take twenty seconds out, head over here to Prime Location, and vote for Moral Fibres in the best eco blog category.

prime location blog awards 2013 best eco blog

It’s simply a case of clicking a button – you don’t have to register or share any details with Prime Location, which is such a good thing.  You also don’t have to vote in any of the other categories if you don’t want to.

Voting closes on 31st March 2014, so do get in quick!   Your vote will really make my day!