how to eat healthy

How to Eat Healthy With One Simple Tip

how to eat healthy

I have been pondering the idea of how to eat healthy, and the other day I came across this really great and thought-provoking short animated video about corporations and the food we eat.  The video is narrated by the food journalist Michael Pollan.  It’s main message?  For a healthy diet eat anything you want, just cook it yourself.  If you’ve got 2 mins to spare give it a watch: it will change your life and your waistline!  I’ve honestly not stopped thinking about it since I saw it!

How To Eat Healthy:

If you want to watch the speech from Michael Pollan that generated the short video then you can find it here.  It’s 20 minutes long but a truly fascinating watch and a great lesson on how to eat healthy.

I don’t know about you but I plan on batch-cooking some meals this weekend and avoiding as much processed food as possible!  What’s on your menu?


Save Energy With One Simple Step #13

It’s been a little while since my last save energy with one simple step post, and I thought it was time to resurrect it, so lo and behold, here is tip number 13 for you:

save energy switch off microwave

Tip 13 – Clock Off

Vampire power is quite a dramatic term for the energy that appliances and electrical goods use when they are plugged in but on stand-by.  Most people get that leaving the TV or TV box on stand-by is a drain on energy but forget about the less obvious energy consumers, like their microwave.

I’ve written before that microwaves are great energy saving devices: and briefly mentioned how we need to remember to switch them off at the wall when you’re done, but I thought it would be good to expand on this today.  I used to work in an office where the digital clock on the microwave was always on, yet there was a wall clock directly above the microwave, making the clock on the microwave completely redundant.  I don’t think this is an uncommon situation: the Daily Green say “it its estimated that a typical microwave is on for 70 hours a year, but draws power for more than 100 times as long, to keep the clock and electronic controls powered“.  One blogger found that in fact his microwave clock was consuming 25-30% of the power of the heating element of his microwave.

It’s quite a staggering amount of energy that could be saved with one simple flick of the switch – they don’t come much easier than that!

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