smartphone controlled central heating

Smartphone Controlled Central Heating?

smartphone controlled central heating

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Smartphone controlled central heating sounds positively space-age, doesn’t it?  Yet Honeywell, heating control specialists, have created just that with their evohome intelligent heating system.

Evohome connects to your boiler and existing radiators and allow you to control your entire heating system via a wireless central console or smartphone app.  This allows you to control the heating room-by-room.  I’m quite bad at adjusting my thermostats – I just turn on my heating and that’s that – but Honeywell’s Jeremy Paterson makes a great point when he says “In the same way you don’t only have one light switch for your entire house, we believe you shouldn’t control your heating with one single switch“:

honeywell evohome

Thinking about it, my daughter is often tucked up warm and cosy in bed, while we’re freezing in the living room.  Not wanting to go in and risk waking her to turn her radiator thermostat down so we can have the heating on in the living room without cooking her in her tiny bedroom, we’d really benefit from being able to adjust her radiator via smartphone controlled central heating.

Even if you don’t have young kids, perhaps you have some rooms that don’t need to be heated, or have smaller rooms that require less heating than the larger rooms?  Or maybe you sensibly want to heat your hall less than your main rooms?  Instead of having to go round and adjust all of your radiator thermostats you can just sit on your sofa and adjust the heating with the touch of a button (saving energy in more ways than one!).


For me, the absolute best thing about Evohome and their smartphone controlled central heating is that you can also control your heating when you are away from home.  In winter I hate coming home to a freezing cold house, so I like to set the timer for 20 minutes before I’m due home so the house is warm and cosy for my return.  Which works great some of the time, but then there are other times when my heating is on and I’ve been stuck in a traffic jam, or had to unexpectedly work late, or (before I became a parent!) had impromptu nights out straight after work, causing me to unnecessarily waste energy.  With evohome you can just use your iOS or android smartphone and switch your heating off.  Genius!

Honeywell say the evohome system can save you up to 40% on your heating bills, which is a pretty hefty saving.  The evohome pack, which is guaranteed to fit most heating systems, including those with stored hot water, will be available for purchase in the UK in January 2014.  Priced from £249, it should soon pay for itself in energy savings.  Smartphone controlled central heating?  I’m definitely in!

For more information on evohome and how to find a Honeywell installer visit the evohome website.

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eco gift guide

Eco Friendly or Ethical Christmas Gifts for Outdoorsy People

eco gift guide

Today I’ve got some great ideas for Christmas gifts for the outdoors enthusiast in your life.

As always products have been selected for their eco-friendly (EF) or ethical (EF) provenance, and have chosen to be long-lasting and will hopefully be well loved and used gifts, all from UK based retailers that pay tax (i.e. not Amazon!).


christmas gift ideas


1.  This fleece jumper (£50) from Patagonia is made from 85% recycled polyester. (EF, FT).

2.  This Swedish Firesteel  (£13.50) from Military Mart is great for camping trips.  No longer do you need to carry a plastic lighter, or fill it up with lighter fluid – just use your firesteel, Ray Mears style! (EF)

3.  This unisex cycle commuter jacket by Veleco (£75) is made from 12 recycled plastic bottles (EF, FT).

4.  This camera bag (£36.60) from Urban Factory is made from recycled plastics, and great for keeping your camera safe whilst out and about.

5. The Genesis 2 sleeping bag (£90) from Rab is made from 100% recycled materials, and is a great all-season sleeping bag.

6.  The Thrifty Forager (£13.49) by Alys Fowler is the perfect book for anyone interested in foraging for local food, as well as recipe suggestions for what to do with your finds. (EF)

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