how to shop ethically

How to Shop Ethically

how to shop ethically

It’s Ms Wanda’s Blog Action Day and a whole host of bloggers, including myself, are taking part to raise the issue of fairness when it comes to fashion.  When I say fair I mean for the need for those making the clothes we wear to be treated well and paid a fair living wage, and without the use of child and sweatshop labour.  I feel the fashion industry as a whole needs to change to address these issues and be more transparent in their supply chains.

Until that day comes, when all shops and manufacturers and their supply chains are completely transparent, then it can be difficult knowing exactly what is ethical and what isn’t ethical.  As I’ve written quite a bit on ethical fashion on Moral Fibres, for Blog Action Day I thought it would be a good time to round up my ethical shopping posts in one to act as a handy resource on how to shop ethically:

shopping ethically

My entirely secondhand outfit

A guide to shopping as ethically as you can on the high street.

How ethical are our high street shops?

Men’s ethical clothing for the office, and for women too.

Women’s ethical clothing picks for autumn, and picks for men.

My very own top ten tips for buying secondhand clothes on eBay.

A roundup of ethical men’s underwear and again, for women too.

Some gorgeous ethical wedding dresses.

sloe gin recipe

Easy Sloe Gin Recipe

sloe gin recipe

I got a great sloe gin recipe for you today!  Sloe berries have always proved quite elusive to me: I’ve never managed to hunt any down in any of my autumn foraging.  And trust me, I do a lot of foraging!  I’m sure they’re there, hiding from me, but until I do come across them then I’m saving sloe gin recipes to my computer left right and centre.

One of my favourite Sloe recipes that I’ve come across is for easy Sloe Gin, by graphic designer and illustrator Lucy Davidson.  Lucy is the author of one of my favourite craft blogs – Peas and Needles (check out her impressive Fifty 2 project!).  Lucy has made Sloe Gin and created a handy illustrated sloe gin recipe card, which she has kindly let me share with Moral Fibres readers:

Easy Sloe Gin Recipe

what to make with sloe berries

I’m looking forward to trying this when I do track down some Sloes!  I do love a bit of sloe gin!

If you’re out foraging for Sloes (hopefully you’ll have better luck than me!) then here are some tips for finding and picking Sloes from one of my favourites, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Let me know in the comments below if you’d had any luck foraging for sloes, and if you try out this sloe gin recipe!  You can also tweet me your photos on Twitter or share with me on Facebook so I can live vicariously through you!

All images courtesy of Lucy Davidson.

ps: more foraged recipes here!