November Sponsor Roundup

Imagine finding one of these spooky images in a branch next time you’re pruning in the garden:

tree branch figure

Via here.

Yikes!  Anyway, Hallowe’en has been and gone so enough of the spooky interludes and on to this post’s subject of November sponsors.  Have you checked out any of Moral Fibre’s great sponsors?  If not, let me introduce you to them:


Auraglow LED Lights provide the highest quality and affordable LED lighting for the domestic and commercial markets, and sell a huge range of LED Bulbs ranging from standard white LED bulbs, to fancy remote control colour changing LEDS, LED tubes, dimmable LEDs, and more.  LED lighting is a good choice for both the environment and your bank balance –  LED lights can last up to 17 times longer than a halogen light bulb, saving on average around 85% on lighting bills, which is more than just a pretty penny!  You can work out your savings here if you’re looking to make the switch.


What You Sow is an independent gardening gifts and gardening accessories online store run by Lyndsey Haskell.  Selling a wide range of gorgeous and pratical garden themed items, it’s one of my favourite stops on the internet.  Lyndsey also writes the What You Sow blog, which is a great source of inspiration.


Red Coat Studio is a great society6 shop ran by James and Tamara Peart, who are an English and American married couple living a creative life in England.  Stocked with their original artwork, I really love their range of throw cushions.

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Home, Home and Garden

Homeware Made From Fruit?

recycled fruit bowl

recycled fruit bowl

Yes, you read that correctly.  Homeware, from fruit.  That’s exactly what Melbourne based design duo Mathery have created, using fruit skins.

Currently on sale on their Fruit Wares include a banana skin bowl, an avocado skin vase, an orange skin canister and melon skin coasters:

fruit ninja mathery vase fruit ninja mathery coasters fruit ninja mathery orange

They are entirely handmade pieces – the duo carefully cut the fruit skins into geometric shapes that they then moulded into functional homewares that are entirely eco-friendly.  As well as being green (quite literally!) they are certainly real conversation pieces!

If you’re taken by them there are currently no UK stockists although they do offer free shipping to the UK (although posting them from Australia to the UK may well negate the environmentally friendly aspects of the vases).

What do you think of them?  Would you have one in your home?