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Make Berries Last Longer With One Simple Ingredient

make berries last longer

make berries last longer

While we’re still in blackberry season, I thought I’d share with you a great tip to help extend make berries last longer in the fridge before going off.  Not just blackberries, but raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and any other berry you can care to think of.  This is especially great if you’ve picked more blackberries than you can eat or have some left over from making delicious jam!

The secret to make berries last longer is quite surprising – vinegar!  I love using vinegar as a great chemical free cleaner, but who would have guessed that using vinegar can help your berries to last longer in the fridge?


How to Make Berries Last Longer

According to Cooks Illustrated all you have to do is rinse your berries in a solution of one part vinegar (white vinegar or apple cider vinegar works best) to three parts water.  Then dry the berries in a salad spinner lined with kitchen roll until completely dry, and store in a kitchen roll lined airtight container to help make berries last longer.

I don’t own a salad spinner and I’m not about to go out and buy one to add more plastic to my kitchen, so instead I filled a bowl with one part vinegar to three parts water and gave my berries a short soak for a minute.  Then I drained and rinsed my berries, and gently patted them dry with a clean (dark coloured!) tea towel, before placing them in the fridge in a tub on top of a folded piece of kitchen roll to help absorb any water.

wash berries with vinegar


Ready to go in the fridge!

Cooks Illustrated say that the vinegar wash acts as an antiseptic agent – helping to remove any spores or bacteria on the surface of the fruit that can cause mould.  I think the act of completely drying the fruit may also play a factor in extending their life as well, as I’ve found that washing berries without then drying them before storing them always speeds up the rotting process.

My verdict is yes, it indeed helps to make berries last longer.  The berries that I have picked in the past started to go off after 24 hours, but using the vinegar and drying technique I stretched this batch into lasting two days.  It could have been more but I didn’t want to risk them rotting and wasting perfectly good berries so we ate them!  And to dispel any worries: no your fruit doesn’t taste of vinegar!

Will you be trying this?  Let me know how you get on!

update: my berries lasted a whole week!

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Men’s Ethical Clothing for Autumn

men's ethical autumn clothing

mens ethical autumn clothing

I put together a post with my favourite ladies ethical clothes for autumn, and thought I’d follow up that post with some men’s ethical clothes for autumn too.  I’ve been hunting high and low to unearth some men’s ethical clothing labels/shops so there may be some on here that you haven’t heard of before.

These stylish pieces have been chosen to be timeless and last you for years and years to come:

mens ethical clothing for autumn

1.  Rapanui Hoodie (£49.95) – This hoodie by Rapanui is perfect for keeping any chills at bay, and layering over t-shirts.

2.  Komodo Jumper (£65) – Smart, practical and perfectly ethical.

3.  Rapanui Shark T-Shirt (£24.95) – as well as being ethical, 50% of the profits of this t-shirt will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

4.  Patagonia Shirt (£65) – It’s not autumn without a flannel shirt.  This one from Patagonia, the ethical trailblazers, looks cosy and comfortable, and a men’s ethical clothing staple.

gents ethical clothes

1.  Rapanui Cardigan (£29.95) – This cardigan is perfect for layering up, so you’re not caught out by Autumn’s fickle nature.

2.  Rapanui T-Shirt (£24.95) – I love the clever design of this “Drop seeds, not bombs” t-shirt.

3.  Hiut Jeans (£130) – Handmade in Wales by master crafters, these jeans look great and will last a lifetime.

4.  Braintree Top (£29.90) – Whisper it: it’s partly made of hemp, but if you can get past that then it’s looks great for lazy weekends when you just want to wear something comfortable.

5.  Howies Jacket (£279) – Pricey, yes, but an investment – Howies claim this jacket will last for at least 10 years – 20 if you’re a careful owner, making it the perfect men’s ethical jacket.  Perfect for when you’re out and about in bad weather, and for taking part in sports.  Howies also refreshingly say that if you buy the jacket and it goes on sale within 6 months, you’ll receive a voucher for the difference, so you don’t feel short changed.


Main image of the Howies Jacket c/o Howies.