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How To Minimise Your Use of Plastic in the Bathroom

going plastic free in the bathroom

going plastic free in the bathroom

Today I have a fantastic guest post from Jai Richard, writer of the blog Tea for Bohemia, on how she is going plastic free in her bathroom

Like many people I strive to minimise the plastic that enters my house: I take my canvas bags to the supermarket, I don’t buy bottled water and, on occasion, I have been ridiculed for taking home and washing the plastic cutlery due to be disposed at the end of a picnic. However, it was only relatively recently I realised that plastic need not be an unavoidable fact of life should I wish to be clean and smell nice.

For the dedicated, the internet contains a wealth of recipes for cooking up your own soaps or how to boil linseeds to make hair gel. Fantastic! My bookmarks bar is filled with recipes and DIYs that I one day hope to get round to trying, but in all honesty being between houses, with all my worldly possessions in storage, and living in a pimped up cupboard under the stairs,there is a lot to be said for the convenience of simply being able to buy a deodorant.

After the jump find my suggestions for plastic-free alternatives to everyday bathroom products to make your bathroom a happier place!

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Save Energy With One Simple Step #9

save energy defrost fridge

It’s Thursday and that means it’s energy saving o’clock!

If you’re a new reader – let me explain – for the last few Thursdays I’ve been writing on saving energy in one simple step, without the need to buy any fancy equipment or spend any money.  They’re all really easy to do, and once you get into the habit of doing them they’ll become so second nature that you won’t notice doing them.  While each tip won’t save that much money or energy, cumulatively they will add up to substantial savings.

This week’s tip is:

plan ahead kitchen energy

Plan, plan, plan!

I’m a huge advocate of freezing leftovers or making larger quanities of what you’re cooking for dinner and freezing portions for later.  Nothing can beat that organised (re: smug!) feeling when you’ve got a freezer stocked full of meals ready for when you need them (and it’s energy efficient!).

The downside to this is that some nights I get lazy, and just can’t be bothered cooking.  Knowing that I’ve got a stack of pre-prepared meals, I grab something out of the freezer and defrost it in the microwave prior to heating it.  Sound familiar to you too?

While this is certainly convenient, it adds around 30% to 50% of energy required to cook the meal.   If only I’d been a bit more organised and taken the food out of the freezer and placed it in the fridge the night before to defrost.  That would have saved all of that energy, and has the added bonus of reducing the amount of work your fridge has to do as it acts as an icepack, helping to cool the fridge down.  Failing to defrost the night before, I could have at least taken the meal out as soon as I got home and left it sitting at room temperature for a couple of hours before cooking.

So the lesson here is definitely to be more organised.  Some might say write a meal plan for the week to help, but that’s just a step too organised for me!  Instead I’m going to make small steps and plan one night ahead.  Who’s with me on this?

By the way, here is some handy advice on defrosting food safely – no-one likes a side helping of food posioning with their dinner!

I’m thinking about reducing the frequency of these energy saving posts.  Rather than weekly, perhaps run them monthly instead.  What do you think?  I need some help deciding so do let me know in the comments below whether you’d prefer to see them monthly or weekly!


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