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Environmental Books for Kids: The Journey Home

I haven’t come across many environmental story books for younger children but a little while ago I came across “The Journey Home” by Frann Preston-Gannon in my local bookshop, so immediately picked it up for my daughter.

The Journey Home

Centred around a polar bear whose home on the ice caps is melting: the polar bear sets off on a journey to find a new home and comes across some other animals who are all in the same boat – whose habitats are being lost or destroyed.

Frann Preston-Gannon

environmental books for kids

The Journey Home Frann Preston-Gannon

The illustrations are stunning and the story is simple, making it a great way to introduce ideas of conservation and the impact of man on the planet with older children in a simple and accessible manner.

My own daughter is a bit too young for the book – it’s probably better suited for four, five and six year olds – but it’s a good read – one that we all enjoy.  Recommended!

Do you know any other good environmental books for kids?  Do share in the comments below!


No Impact Man

no impact man movie

no impact man movie

A short post today as I’m on holiday (it was all that talk of summer, holiday accommodation and suncream that did it!), but I just wanted to say have a happy weekend everyone!

I quite fancy watching the movie above – No Impact Man.

Apparently it’s a documentary about New Yorker Colin Beavan and his family, who decide to go completely “green” – giving up all the modern comforts, from electricity to anything consuming fossil fuels, in an attempt to cut their carbon footprint drastically.  According to the blurb “the cameras capture the toll this well-intentioned, year-long project takes on Beavan’s wife and baby daughter, as well as the ways it brings this family closer together“.

 I’m just not sure whether it’s some kind of publicity stunt or gimmickry, but I’ll give it a go before passing judgement.

Have you seen No Impact Man?  What did you think?

POST EDIT – I’ve heard on several trusted accounts that the movie is a bit of a stinker so I’ve given it a miss for now!