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Plastic-Free February Resources

It’s Plastic-Free February, so in honour of this I’ve been rummaging through the Moral Fibres archives, and dusting off and updating old posts, to bring you a list of potentially useful plastic-free February resources, if like me, you are trying to take steps to reduce your plastic usage.

I feel my hands are kind of tied food-wise, as we have zero bulk shops around where I live in West Lothian.  If you have one, or several, in your area then do count your lucky stars!  Despite this, I still try my best, where budget allows (plastic-free toilet paper – why are you so eye-wateringly expensive??  £1 a roll would bankrupt my family of four!).  I also keep lobbying manufacturers and supermarkets to introduce plastic-free goods.  They love me!  Anyway, here are my plastic-free resources that I’ve come up with over the years:

resources for plastic-free february

The Plastic-Free Kitchen

Eco-friendly alternatives to cling film to help you stop buying the plastic stuff.

How to make your own beeswax food wraps.

There’s plastic in your tea – and plastic-free alternatives to teabags.

How to dry mint leaves for tea – I’m still working my way through my batch from summer.

You can still have your crisps and eat them with this seriously tasty zero waste crisps recipe

Skip the bagged salad – here’s how to grow snow pea shoots indoors for the princely sum of 13p.

Plastic-Free Health & Beauty

How to minimise your use of plastic in the bathroom – updated for 2018!

How to make reusable cotton wool pads – say bye-bye to disposable wipes or single-use cotton wool pads!

Eco friendly alternatives to glitter if you just can’t live in a world without glitter.

How to have an eco-friendly period

Plastic-Free Bathroom Supplies & Toiletries

Plastic-Free Cleaning

My green cleaning favourites

Or there’s this…! ;)

General Plastic-Free Living

How to use reusable nappies – they’re not as scary, difficult or yucky as you might think!

Surprising items that contain plastic – chewing gum anyone?

How to stop junk mail – that barrage of unwanted plastic that comes through our doors every day.

Are you taking part in plastic-free February?  If so, do share with me your top plastic-free tips, or what hurdles you’ve encountered, or any other useful advice!

link roundup blog

Ten Things

link roundup blog

Hello!  Nice to see you today!  Did you catch Friday’s post?  Moral Fibres is a whole five years old!  This was the first ever post if you’re curious – I like to think we’ve come a long way since then!  To celebrate the five-year milestone I’m running a fantastic giveaway with Green People and People Tree, so do head over and enter!

This week’s links:

1. Patagonia has launched a “dating tool” to set you up with activism.  It only has a limited UK focus at the moment, but I hope it will grow.

2.  Second life – a lovely look at the joy of secondhand and buying from estate sales.  Estate sales aren’t a thing in the UK and truth be told, I used to think they sounded a bit creepy, but I have just changed my mind thanks to the writer’s words.  “I walk out of each home reminded that our time to cook, to write, to live is limited. I’ll always think about the people whose things are bringing me joy and pray that they’re at peace, wherever that may be“.

3.   How amazing does this Swedish shopping centre dedicated to repaired and recycled goods sound?

4.  I downloaded this water bottle refill app this week and it’s pretty useful.  I haven’t had many, if any, problems filling up my water bottle, to be honest, but it’s always helpful to know if somewhere water bottle friendly is nearby.

5.  How to eat homemade lunch every day at work (and only cook once).  I’d love to set up a work lunch club!

6.  Huge respect to Riverford.

7.  I really related to this account of a week of living plastic-free.

8.   Inside Aberporth, the first plastic-free community, whilst the Shetland Islands vow to be plastic free by the end of this year!

9.  This insect ‘art’ is stunning.

10.  Finally, some non-consumerist Valentine’s Day ideas if you want to ditch the roses and do something a little less commercial this year.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  One of my kids has been under the weather, so we’ve been holed up indoors so far.  I have my fingers crossed we can get out for some restorative fresh air today!