eco friendly glitter alternatives

Eco Friendly Alternatives to Glitter

Today let’s talk about eco friendly alternatives to glitter.

I don’t know about you, but I had been trying to keep my head in the sand about the environmental impact of glitter, of all things.  Much like tea bags, I didn’t want to believe that something so fun and seemingly innocuous as glitter could be harbouring a dark secret.

However, it is indeed true: scientists are calling for a ban on glitter.  Why?  Most glitter is microplastic – fragments of plastic less than 5mm in length.  This microplastic can easily be swallowed by marine life, proving fatal to them, and could potentially enter the foodchain.

More worryingly, in the same article it goes on to say that “most glitter is made of aluminium and a plastic called PET… PET can break down to release chemicals that disrupt hormones in the bodies of animals and humans“.  This is not good, so a ban on glitter, much like the ban on microbeads for the same reasons, would be very welcome.

This ban would mean a world without glitter.  Some nurseries are substituting glitter for lentils or rice for use in craft projects, but it’s not quite the same, is it?  And sticking lentils to your face at festivals may not produce the desired effect, and may cause people to give you a wide berth!

If you can’t live in a world without glitter, but don’t want to damage the environment then fear not.  The future is not lentil based because I have found six eco friendly glitter alternatives for all your glitter based cosmetic and crafting needs:

Eco Friendly Alternatives to Glitter

eco friendly alternatives to glitter uk


Bristol based EcoStarDust, whose clever slogan is “glitter without the litter”, sell biodegradable glitter in all the colours, and when I say all the colours I mean all the colours, in varying sizes from chunky through to fine.  The glitter is made from plant cellulose, and is reasonably priced at £3.50 a pot.  Delivery is free when you spend over £10 and 10% of profits are donated to environmental projects.

Eco Glitter Fun

Eco Glitter Fun sell biodegradable, cruelty free and vegan glitter from £3.50 a pot, again in all the colours and sizes you could possibly need.  Their glitter is made from a certified compostable film that will biodegrade in soil, compost or a waste water/ocean environment,

Fulfilled Wishes

UK based Fulfilled Wishes sell biodegradable glitter via their Etsy shop.  Prices are £4 for 5 gram jars, and they specialise in more chunky eco glitter.

The Mermaid Cave

The Mermaid Cave sell a beautiful range of eco friendly glitter, with all their glitter named after endangered ocean species.  The Mermaid Cave is the place to go if you are looking for zero waste biodegradable glitter as all glitter is sold in glass vials with cork stoppers.  Their glitter is vegan friendly, made from plant based materials and and the glitter will biodegrade in soil, compost, waste water and ocean water.  It’s priced at £5.99 for 8 ml of glitter of £9.99 for 20 ml of glitter.

The Soap Kitchen

The Soap Kitchen specialise in microfine eco friendly glitter, in a more limited colour palette.  Prices start at £1.50 for 5 g, but you can purchase in bulk bags, in bags of up to 500 g (a whole lot of glitter!) if you need larger quantities.  You can also get 5% off your first order when you sign up to The Soap Kitchen newsletter.

Wild Glitter

Finally, Wild Glitter sell EU certified biodegradable glitter made from natural compostable plant based materials.  A variety of colours and textures are available, from fine through to chunky.  Prices are reasonable too – they start from £2.75 for 3 ml and they can be purchased in recyclable pots or refill bags.

If you find any more eco glitter alternatives then do let me know in the comments below!

christmas star

Ten Things

christmas star

Hey!  How are you?  How has your week been?  And tell me, did you get some snow?  I feel like Edinburgh has been the only place in the country that did not get any snow this week and I am disappointed!

This week’s links:

1.  Good news this week was that the Co-op (in East Anglia initially) are to sell food past their best before dates for 10p, in a bid to cut food waste.  As the daughter of greengrocers, my parents always brought home the tinned and dried food past their best before dates for us to eat, with no adverse affect on us.  I always knew when we got Ricicles (remember them?) for breakfast that they were past their best before date!

2.  Related: food labels are to be simplified to help reduce food waste too.

3.  The new Icelandic prime minister sounds like my kind of person.

4.  Been hooked on Blue Planet 2?  Me too, me too.  But did you know that’s Britain’s coral reefs and marine life are equal to anything on Blue Planet 2?  A much overlooked fact.

5. Does your clothes label say “made in Europe”?  It turns out these clothes may not be as ethical as they sound.

6.  2017 is set to be the best year yet for ‘conscious’ seasonal spending.  I personally hate the term ‘conscious’ but this is good news, and hopefully the start of an ever upward trend,

7.  Sally from the blog A Blighted Star has pulled together some useful resources on having a greener Christmas.

8.  I’d also add Anna Jones has some great ideas for edible gifts.

9. If you are in a listening mood, then I highly recommend the BBC’s Food On The Edge.  From Syrian refugee kitchens, Black Panther breakfasts to how a Danish chef is creating delicious food from “waste food”, it made for fascinating listening.

10.  Finally, plus size ethical fashion has a lot of catching up to do, but here are 11 global brands making sustainable fashion available to every woman.

Enjoy your Sunday!  I am hosting a house full of six year olds today so wish me luck (or send wine!).


ps: I am donating to this great campaign this week to help eradicate homelessness.