Here’s a thing.  My partner and I are a little bit obsessed with tiny houses and the design and thoughtfulness that goes into them.  We have spent many an hour watching tiny homes videos online, and looking at tiny house layouts and photos.

Our tiny house fascination is fueled by the fact our house is really small.  As we slowly renovate it we are always looking for clever ideas on how to maximise our living space and squeeze in clever storage ideas.  We have been pretty good at getting rid of extraneous stuff, but two adults plus two kids plus pets in a small house means we do get that feeling that maybe our house could be a little more organised and better thought out than it is currently.

The attention to detail and level of planning that goes into tiny houses therefore just provide me with so much inspiration.

We recently came across Tiny House Scotland, by Linlithgow based designer Jonathan Avery, and I think I can safely say that Jonathan’s Nest House is my very favourite of all the tiny houses. I’d go so far to say, without hyperbole, that it’s the perfect tiny house.

Have a little look, I’m sure you’ll love it too:











As well as looking pretty, this wooden constructed tiny house is well thought out, inside and out.  It’s highly insulated and sealed to Passivhaus standards, and all wood is FSC and PEFC certified.

Whilst it is indeed a 5 ton house, as it’s movable on wheels, the Nest House is handily classed as a caravan for planning purposes and sized within householder permitted development rights.  If you need to expand, retrofitting options are planned (such as a ‘kids’ module for sleeping and playing in).  Starting prices range from £17,000 – £38,000 depending on size and options for a truly affordable, sustainable and beautiful home.

Jonathan is currently involved with Edinburgh eatery/social business Social Bite.  Social Bite are currently fundraising to build a “Social Bite Village” – a village for the homeless, to support them back on to their feet and into employment.  The plan is that Jonathan’s low cost sustainable buildings will be used for the village.   You can find out more about this revolutionary project (and perhaps donate to it) on Social Bite’s Justgiving page.

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