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Relaxed Recycled Home Tour

I love winter, but every February without fail I reach the point where I find myself dreaming of sunshine, and warmth, and hanging my clothes outside to dry rather than cramming clothes horses into each available corner of our house.

Last summer feels like it was an age ago, and it still seems so long until this summer rolls around, especially with Storm Doris looming over us.  And so inevitably I find myself looking at houses in warm countries, imagining, for fun, what it’s like to live in a place where it’s not dark for half of the year or freezing cold for 9 months of the year.

And so, here it was, during one of my internet searches, that I stumbled about this beauty of a house – a coastal cottage on Australia’s Victoria coast full of lovely recycled, reclaimed, restored and vintage finds.   The lounge chairs were even rescued from the side of the road and then restored by the occupants – Kirsty (who runs the beautiful shop Otis and Otto) and her husband..  I love how they’ve even embraced the coloured carpets that came with their rented property.  I’m not normally a fan of red carpet but it seems to really work in this house!

It seems like such a relaxed and fun space.  Keep your eyes peeled for the indoor swing and the porthole in the kitchen!

whiteboard house

kitchen porthole

rustic kitchen

white smeg fridge

rustic dining table

living room red carpet

shelving idea

recycled desk

indoor swing

simple bedroom
minimalist kids bedroom

You can see the full house tour here.  I apologise in advance if you too develop a hankering for warmer climes!  Or maybe even just a swing in your hallway!


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