Hello Thursday!  It’s nearly the weekend and I’m back with another in my series of really easy energy saving tips.

If you are reading this post on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone at home then chances are you have a wireless router, so tip number five is another quick and easy one that anyone with a router can do:

switch off router to save energy

Switch it off : it’s as simple as that.  But wait – not right now!  I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the rest of this article: but instead get into the habit of switching if off when you go out and go to bed.

I would never dream of leaving my laptop switched on when I’m not using it, but that thinking never quite applied to my router.   I never switched off our router, ever, until very recently.  Mostly this was due to a mix of laziness and because I had always wondered whether you should switch off your router at night or not, and had a long-standing belief that switching off your router was damaging to it (so do quite a few people it seems). Then I had a bit of lightbulb moment, and thought why would they put an on/off switch on most models of router if you weren’t meant to switch them off?  So now I’m slowly getting into the habit of switching it off.

I personally wouldn’t switch off my router every time I finished using the internet because in our house we are quite heavy internet users – between listening to music, my toddler demanding to watch “Pat” (Postman Pat) on YouTube, searching for random information on the internet throughout the day, checking emails, writing blog posts, and so forth.  So in that sense it might be damaging to the router to keep switching it on and off throughout the day, but switching it off at night when you go to bed, and when you go out certainly won’t hurt.  And it’ll save a bit of energy, and money, which is never a bad thing.

I won’t lie: you won’t save a tremendous amount of energy or money individually (maybe a few pounds a year) but if everyone in the UK collectively got into this habit we would save a massive amount of energy and carbon – so spread the word!

And remember to look out for tip number six next Thursday!


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