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Hiya!  Can I ask you a question?  Have you seen many wasps this year?  At this time of year our garden is normally full of wasps, and every time you open the back door at this time of year, you’re guaranteed to let in at least five wasps.  Which isn’t so great because I’m really allergic to wasps (my last sting resulted in a trip to A&E) but I tolerate the buggers because of their important role in our ecosystem.

This year there are barely any wasps in our garden; we’ve had one wasp in our house, and I’ve hardly seen any when I’ve been out and about.  I’m starting to worry about the wasps, so do let me know if they are more abundant where you are.

This week’s links for you:

1. This week the uncomfortable news was announced that our tap water contains plastic particles, followed by the news that salt contains plastic.  I am slightly worried that this leads to more people drinking bottled water, which is only going to compound the plastic problem, but if this isn’t the wake up call that we need to reduce our plastic usage then I don’t know what is.

2. Related to this is 10 things you can fix in 10 minutes, rather than throwing them in the bin.

3.  Londoners have it pretty good – from the first plastic free shop, to the city’s first fully sustainable pub.  Adding these to my ever growing list of places to visit next time I’m in the big smoke.

4.  Of course, it’s not just all about London.  This week was a good week to be Scottish.  From plans to introduce a deposit return scheme for plastic and glass bottles and cans, to the plans to phase out petrol and diesel cars 8 years before the rest of the UK, and funding for walking, cycling and public transport improvements to double these are all great things for the environment.

5. I really enjoyed Leah’s eloquent piece on ‘why I quit being an ethical purist‘.   Leah says “we’re wasting our time and muddying our message by striving for perfection wrapped into an individual garment“, and couldn’t agree more with her.

6. This 16 year old makes the most stunning vegan desserts and breakfasts.

7.  I bought one of these £5.99 kits on Etsy* and am currently whiling away my evenings tying knots.  It’s pretty therapeutic!

8.  Would you wear leather grown in a lab?

9.  Origami inspired kids clothes that grow with your kids!

10.  A fascinating view of Hurricane Harvey – “I downloaded an app.  And suddenly, was part of the Cajun Navy“.

Finally, three things from the Moral Fibres archives you might have missed:

What to do with leftover bread.

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For early birds.

Enjoy your Sunday!  We have two kids parties in a row to attend today – tonight is definitely going to involve wine!



  1. There are LOADS of wasps in our garden. We did have to get rid of a nest because it was right outside our kitchen and dining room windows, and I did feel a bit bad about it (too many toddlers in this building to leave it there, though) but there must be tons more nearby (eek). So, that’s where they’ve all gone: Aberdeen.

  2. Wasp report from Toronto, Canada (admittedly quite far from you, probably different wasps!): They seem to be doing just fine. Lots in the parks zipping around the clover, and they have successfully kept us from eating outside all summer. Nothing to worry about here!

  3. No wasps here in Northumberland! Or at least very few, I’ve maybe seen a couple this summer. Normally it’s a daily task to turf them out the window at this time of year, when they come in the house and start to get dozy. We’re really down on butterflies too :(

    • We’re really down on butterflies too but it’s the wasps I’ve noticed the absence of the most. I was wondering if it’s because it’s been because of this summer’s bad weather?

      • More than likely! Apart from a good few days, it’s been cool and pretty much constantly windy here – I can’t imagine the wasps like it any more than the rest of us!

  4. Leah’s piece is so good, Wendy, thank you for sharing.
    Wasp numbers healthy enough in our attic 😬 (midlands) – I noticed more than usual in the early summer though, could they have peaked sooner than usual due to the warm spring?

  5. Not many wasps here in Largoward and not am abundance of bees either,but we’ve had beautiful butterflies, seem to be dwindling now that the Buddlea is going over.

  6. You are right, I don’t think I’ve seen a bee or a wasp inside this year which is always an good indicator on numbers as they like to drift up in the warm afternoon air and come in for a look. I can’t say I am too upset though because last year a neighbour tried his hand at beekeeping and they swarmed all over our building. Fortunately another friend/neighbour has a few hundred thousand bees in his garden and they keep themselves to themselves ;-)

  7. We have a wasps nest in our kitchen ceiling this year so have seen heaps of the little blighters! I really enjoyed the article about ethical purism too xx


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