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earthy edinburgh

Hello!  How have you been?  I had a lovely week off last week, spending time with family on the west coast, celebrating my grandad’s 95th birthday, and walking along wind swept beaches.  It was certainly hard going settling back in to work this week!  I did find that a cup of tea in this cosy Edinburgh spot definitely helped though!

Here are some interesting things I’ve read over the last two weeks:

In truly momentous news, Friday was the first day ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution that Britain ran without coal power.  Hopefully this can the first of many small steps away from fossil fuel dependency.

Could a tax on meat help us save the planet?

Never underestimate the power of your own individual actions.  Here’s how one woman changed a whole country’s food waste problem.

Related: women, your vote matters and makes a difference.  If you’re not registered, make sure you register by 22nd May to vote in the General Election.

Poverty, compounded.

Whoa!  I’d love to see this.

Who knew that the humble spinach leaf could hold so much beauty and potential?  My mind is officially blown.

One of the most interesting articles I’ve read on GM crops.

How to teach ethical fashion to kids.

All hail the case for doing less laundry.


And three things from the Moral Fibres archives that you might have missed:

If money is a bit tight, here’s what food you should buy organic if you can and what you don’t need to buy.

How to tell if milk is off or not (spoiler: you might have been doing it wrong).

Ethical underwear.

Have a good weekend!


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