tips to make fresh food last longer

Tips to Make Fresh Food Last Longer

Hello!  Having a good weekend?  I just wanted to pop in quickly to share these great tips to make fresh food last longer that I came across.

Any long term Moral Fibres readers might already know the first tip, but there were a couple here that were new to me.  I didn’t know not to refrigerate tomatoes, and I also wasn’t aware that you should ideally store cheese in cardboard.   I’ll be giving that Tupperware container in my fridge that’s full of cheese the side-eye then…!

Make Fresh Food Last Longer

Via Pounds to Pocket

ps: ten more tips to reduce food waste


  1. I wish I had found this moths ago. I’ve moved into the countryside and can realistically only shop once a week and I have been struggling to keep things fresh till they are eaten. You have set me on a mission to find even more suggestions. Many thanks!!!


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