13 Uses for Vinegar

white vinegar uses

A few months ago I shared some surprising uses for coconut oil by Californian artist Yumi Sakugawa, which you guys really loved.  Well, today I’m sharing another one of her fabulous illustrations for WonderHowTo on 13 unexpected uses for vinegar.  This is just as good and surprising as the coconut oil illustration!

Testing the alkalinity of soil with vinegar?  Stopping pets from scratching their ears? De-wrinkling clothes?  All with vinegar?  Alchemy.  Pure alchemy!

Please note, these uses for vinegar are for white distilled vinegar, rather than malt or apple cider vinegar:

13 Unexpected Uses for Vinegar:

uses for vinegar


And there you have it!  Were there any surprises here for you?

ps: you might like this post on natural cleaning products that you can make with vinegar, and also this post on why you should wash berries in vinegar!


  1. I had no idea that the vinegar could be a universal product, product used in cooking and in cleaning at the same time. Thanks a lot for sharing! Regards!East Bedfornt Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  2. Wow! So many uses of the vinegar! I usually use it in my salad, as a dressing, and I also use it to make my own detergent. I mix one part vinegar with three parts vinegar and a few drops of lavender essential oils and this mixture can clean your whole house! I have a dog named Allen and I will use the vinegar to protect him from scratching. Thank you for the cool infographic!

  3. Cleaning with vinegar? I’m not so sure how I feel about that. I’m sure it works, but I’m afraid the smell will linger longer than anticipated. I’ll give it a shot though and see what happens. I’m willing to try things out if they have a possibility of working.
    Great infographic!


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