Seeds to Sow in May

seeds to sow in May

It’s May!  And so very nearly summer!  And as it’s May, here is the next installment in what vegetable seeds to sow in May.  This year typical growing season is a few weeks out of kilter, so you might want to wait until later in May to sow outdoors, or else be ready with a fleece in case of any cold nights still ahead of us:

Seeds to Sow in May Outside:

what to sow in May UK

Seeds to Sow in May Undercover:

what to sow in May

Seeds to Sow in May in Heat:

what to plant in May

What seeds are you sowing this May?

ps: if you’ve found this page through Google then for future reference you may be interested in my March and April sowing guides!  Bookmark them for next year!

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  1. We thought that we’d keep it simple this year, and have got 3 butternuts given, which are on the window ledge with drills of marigolds, tumbling tomatoes (which FAILED miserably last year) and runner beans. IThe peas were sown in last night, but its still frosty so I’m not sure how they’ll go ..I imagine it’s even more cold in Scotland!

  2. Fingers crossed you’ll have a good crop! Our butternut squashes failed miserably last year but it was so wet that they didn’t stand a chance! We had frost the other night too (in May!) and we don’t have a greenhouse so who knows what’s going to grow in our garden this year.!

    • Oh no! The weather has been so unpredictable this year so it’s easily done. I see snow is forecast in the Highlands this week, and sleet here in Edinburgh, and there was frost last week too. The one thing that’s flourishing in our garden just now is our chives, everything else is looking a bit forlorn!

  3. I wonder whether you’ve been able to sow and work on growing some of these delightful things this year or not ! the weather has been giving most people turbulent times and I wonder whats in store for this time of the year !


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