Are you a vegetarian in a toast or cereal rut?  Never fear, I’ve put together 10 delicious vegetarian breakfast ideas to shake up your routine and repertoire!

I know I’m certainly in need of extending my vegetarian breakfast repertoire.  In our house it’s mostly cereal, porridge, toast, bagels or fruit and yoghurt.  Not exactly exciting stuff – BUT I have big plans to change this, at least at the weekends anyway!  Work days are hard when you’re rushing to get yourself and a little one fed, dressed and out the door before 7:30am so I’ll give myself a pass on those days for now!

easy vegetarian breakfast ideas

10 Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

1.  This kale feta egg toast recipe from Well Plated looks really tasty, and a good seasonal winter veggie breakfast, as kale is in season and in it’s prime in winter.

vegetarian breakfast ideas

2.  Keeping with the things on toast theme, this avocado and tomato toast with balsamic dressing from Blissful Basil looks delicious and straightforward!

veggie breakfast ideas

3.  If you’re looking for an alternative to toast, then this egg baked in avocado from Popsugar could be right up your street!

egg baked in avocado

4.  These spinach potato pancakes from Veggie Staples would make a great savoury breakfast idea, and are also vegan and gluten free.

potato pancakes

5.  I have made this baked carrot cake oatmeal from Green Kitchen Stories and it was Yum (with a capital Y!), but also a good twist on conventional porridge.  I found the recipe makes a lot of oatmeal (A LOT!) so you might want to halve the ingredients for a more manageable sized dish!

baked carrot cake oatmeal

6.  I haven’t tried these pumpkin anytime squares from Oh She Glows, but I would like to give them a go!  They sound like they would be ideal to bake ahead in a batch, and keep in a tin to grab for a quick breakfast on the go.

vegetarian breakfast ideas - breakfast bars

7.  This breakfast parfait with roasted strawberries from A Couple of Cooks looks pretty fancy but mighty delicious!

granola with roasted strawberries

8.  Again from A Couple of Cooks, this two potato hash with soft boiled eggs looks right up my street as a savoury brunch idea.

two potato hash

9.  These healthy banana pancakes from yours truly are not only tasty AND healthy vegetarian breakfast, but a great way of using up any bananas that might be going off in your fruit bowl.

healthy banana pancakes

10.  Finally, in the last of my vegetarian breakfast ideas, I’m really keen to try out these muffin tin omelettes, from Hearth & Homefront.  They look like they would freeze well to eat later, which would be really handy on those mornings when we’re rushing out the house!

muffin tin omelettes

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Do you have a favourite veggie breakfast to share?  Let me know in the comments below!

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