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As you can imagine, April was a busy month for us as we moved house at the start of the month.  Now that the moving stress is behind us we are settling into our new house nicely.  Sometimes my other and half and I catch ourselves saying to each other “I can’t believe this is our house”.

It’s actually the garden here that’s made the biggest difference to our lives.  Whilst we did have a garden in our old place, to which we were incredibly thankful for, it was a bit of a pain to get to.  To access it we had to go down a flight of stairs, across a little road, across the communal drying green, and then into our garden.  It wasn’t ideal as my daughter could never just go out and play there when she wanted.  Now we can just open up the back door and voila, garden!  It’s such a calming start to the day when I can just open up the back door and sit in the garden of a sunny morning, cup of tea in hand while my little one plays.

As the house hasn’t been lived in for a while it needs a ton of work doing to it, and we’re trying to retrofit as many energy-saving measures as we can, like the cavity wall insulation and draught-proofing to make it as energy-efficient as possible.  First things first though, getting our roof fixed.  Got to be wind and watertight first over and above anything else!


We have done a little bit of decorating though – our daughter’s bedroom.  It was painted brown before, which was a bit too dark for our tastes, so we painted the whole room white and then just used furniture we already had.  I did buy a pink lampshade from eBay though which I’m in love with!  Sometimes eBay can be really infuriating, and other times it comes good and it redeems itself!

pink metal lampshade

I did cave and buy curtains from the High St for her bedroom because it’s really hard ethically sourcing curtains that a) fit your particular size of window b) work in a 3-year-old’s bedroom, but will also last them into their teenage years, and c) have black out lining (because black out lining = longer in bed for us all).

We also needed them in a hurry because there were no existing curtains or blinds in there.  Even eBay didn’t come up trumps for me.  In the end, I bought these from Next, which score 74/100 on the Good Shopping Guide for fashion. Neither the Good Shopping Guide nor Ethical Consumer have a section on soft furnishings so I felt a bit out on a limb!

Blog Happenings

Moving on to the blog, as we didn’t have internet for a little while, and had our hands full, the blog was a bit quieter than normal this month.  But doing worry, I’ve got lots planned for May – I missed blogging so want to make up for it!

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On the internet

I also found some good things on the internet this month:

Healthy banoffee parfait

Via here

Caroline Jones has committed to buying nothing new in 2015.  And not just that – she’s wearing an outfit sourced from Cancer Research charity shops every day of this year so far, in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK after the passing of her mum to cancer.  You can follow her daily outfit updates on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, and you can donate via her Just Giving page – she’s just 8% shy of her £10,000 goal!

The 2 Euro T-Shirt – A Social Experiment is a really interesting short watch.

McDonalds is to close 900 restaurants worldwide, citing changing food trends.

Moral Fibres got a mention on The Best of British Blogging: Cleaning & Organising

Moral Fibres was also included in the 21 best green parenting blogs!  I was very flattered indeed to be included in a list alongside Treehugger and some other great blogs!

I want to try this on our allotment.

And I want to make this and bake these.

Finally, would you ditch your car for a cargo bike?

Have you seen anything good on the internet this month?  Let me know in the (now working!) comments.  I’m still over the moon that the commenting now works again!

PS: catch up on last month’s updates here.

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