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nature's path breakfast cereal

Have you heard of Nature’s Path before?  Nature’s Path is a family-run, sustainably-driven company. Their focus is on making breakfast healthy, organic, and delicious with their range of cereals, granolas, oats, and cereal bars.

Their tasty array of cereals and granolas are a firm weekday favourite in our house, adults and children alike.  On weekends we like to switch it up a bit with a cooked vegetarian breakfast. However, no matter how delicious your breakfast cereal is, let’s admit that breakfast does get a little dull when you’re just eating cereal with plain old milk day in, day out.

So today I’ve teamed up with Nature’s Path, to bring you five different breakfast cereal ideas.  I’ve used two of their delicious cereals – the gluten-free Mesa Sunrise cereal flakes, and the tasty Nice & Nobbly gluten-free granola – to create five tasty breakfast options that are a bit more exciting than your standard breakfast fare!

Vegetarian Breakfast Five Ways

breakfast cereal with flavoured milk

Looking to jazz up your morning bowl of cereal?  Try some flavoured milk – I opted for chocolate flavoured coconut milk and a sprinkling of cacao nibs for a decadent chocolate treat.  Think Coco Pops for grown ups!

cornflakes with walnut and banana for breakfast

A more everyday (and healthier!) way to enjoy cereal is by chopping some banana over your cereal, sprinkling a handful of crushed walnuts, and serving with regular or plant-based milk, such as oat milk (do see my guide to the best oat milk).

cornflakes with berries for breakfast

Another easy healthy breakfast idea is simply sprinkling some fresh berries on top of cereal, and pouring over your milk of choice.

bircher muesli with granola

Have you had bircher muesli before?  I must admit, I eat it most days.  In the evening I mix oats, plain yoghurt (vanilla yoghurt if I’m feeling fancy), half a grated apple, a large spoonful of desiccated coconut, and a handful of raisins, and spoon the mix into an old jar.  Leave it in the fridge overnight, and the next morning the oats are lovely and soft.  

It’s a lovely healthy breakfast idea on the go – I rarely have time to eat breakfast at home on workdays so I simply pop the jar in my bag to eat at work.  To make it even more of a treat sprinkle some Nature’s Path Nice & Nobbly granola on top at breakfast time to add a delicious crunchy texture.

chocolate spread and granola on toast

Finally, we all love chocolate spread on toast, but for an extra special Sunday morning treat try sprinkling Nature’s Path mixed berry Nice & Nobbly granola and fresh berries over chocolate spread on toast.  So good in every way!

What’s your breakfast of choice? I’ve got loads more vegetarian breakfast ideas this way too!

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