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Eco Friendly Baby Products

eco friendly baby products

eco friendly baby products

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My littlest girl turned 18 months old at the start of this month.  I was sat picnicking on a beach on the west coast of Scotland with my kids when I realised the littlest was 18 months to the day.  My cheeky, rough and tumble, fearless girl that loves everyone and everything: but most of all her big sister.

It only feels like a few months ago that I wrote this post and then this post (and now after looking at that photo I’m trying hard to not feel broody, even though I definitely don’t want more than two kids!).  Anyway, I am going somewhere with this post – it isn’t here for the purposes of me getting all sentimental!  Believe it or not I wanted to talk about my favourite eco friendly baby products.

I wrote about my eco friendly baby essentials about half way through that pregnancy, so 18 months in of life with baby number two I thought it was high time to update my list.   I’ve included some of my favourites from before; some products I’ve discovered over the last 18 months; and some I forgot to add first time around but now that we’re in the thick of baby and toddlerhood they are right at the front of my mind!

Here are my favourite eco friendly baby products:

green baby products

We have been using this Boori convertible cot from around the four months mark, and I love it.   Once my daughter is beyond the cot stage (I’m trying not to think too much about that to be honest!) the cot turns into an infant bed, and once she grows out of that it then turns into a two seater sofa AND can also be converted to a double bed.  Say what?!  I reviewed it in more detail last year, if you want to read more.

Self feeding is a fun but messy stage.  My daughter will not entertain spoon feeding, even for the messiest of foods, like soup.  I bought this bamboo suction bowl and spoon for her first birthday and it seems to help the situation a little.  There is still mess but at least the bowl can’t be thrown off the table!

Natural Rubber Dummy – neither of my girls liked dummies.  If your baby is a little more amenable to these things, then I have heard all good things about these natural rubber dummies.

I have only just discovered the Pura infant bottle.  Unluckily for me, neither of my kids would take a bottle (and yes, I know what you’re thinking – no bottles and no dummies?  My girls sure do keep me on my toes, that is for sure!), so it wouldn’t have been that handy to us in the early days, but if you plan on bottle feeding, or if you’re a lot luckier than me and your baby will take a bottle, then this might be something to consider.  It starts off life as a baby bottle and you can convert it to a sippy cup, sports bottle or even snack pot as your child grows.  Clever.

As I might have mentioned, oh, maybe a million times before, Bumgenius washable nappies are my favourite of the eco friendly baby products.  I will extol the virtues of them to anyone who will listen.  If you only make one eco friendly baby purchase then I would encourage you to give washable nappies a go.  And by way of advice, I find that Tots Bots nappy liners fit Bumgenius nappies perfectly and flush right down your loo.  I bulk buy these bad boys.

environmentally friendly baby products

Cheeky Wipes – I didn’t know about these washable wipes first time around so I picked up a box when I was pregnant.  I’ve enjoyed using them.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong and keeping them too moist, but I find keeping a dry wipe to hand to dry baby’s bottom after wiping with a wet wipe is best at avoiding nappy rash.  Otherwise they get two thumbs up from me!

Green People Sun Screen – I like to always have a tube of sun screen in in my bag.  Always.  You never know when the sun is going to come out in Scotland (some time this month would be nice, please).  Green People’s Factor 30 lotion is suitable for the most sensitive of baby skins, and I often find myself pinching some for me!

Stainless steel snack pots – at the risk of sounding too virtuous I’m the first to admit I often fall down at the snacking front, and have to resort to a bag of crips, or prepackaged snacks.  It happens.  On the days I’m a little more prepared, when perhaps my mornings have been a little less of a frantic rush to leave the house on time, I’ll put together some snacks to eat on the go or to avoid public transport meltdowns.  Chopped fresh fruit, bread sticks, popcorn, and dried fruit are all firm favourites.  Because if there is one thing I know when it comes to kids is that snacks = sanity.  Truth.

Refillable Snack Pouch – this is the best refillable snack pouch I’ve found.  It doesn’t squirt food out as soon as your child gives it a squeeze, unlike other pouches I’ve tried, and opens for easy cleaning.  I can’t find it available in the UK other than on Amazon.

I like to keep a tube of Green People Soothing Baby Salve to hand for nappy rash, skin irritations, dry skin and any eczema patches.  This stuff works great.  A little goes a really long way.

Other top eco friendly baby products advice if you’re expecting – see what you can score secondhand.  Most baby gear is barely used, so ask friends and family with older kids if they have anything they’re not using any more.  I’d also always suggest trying Freecycle, Gumtree, eBay and charity shops for preloved bargains.  So much of our baby gear has been secondhand, from our pram to clothes, to play equipment and it’s always the eco friendliest and cheapest way of sourcing the things you need.

Do you have any eco friendly baby products you would recommend?  I am all ears!

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Small House Hacks #1

tiny house hacks

I thought I’d start a new occasional series on Moral Fibres, about small house hacks.

Our house isn’t a tiny house per se, but it’s by no means a big house.  When first build in the 1920’s it was a one bedroomed cottage.  It’s gradually been extended over the years, upwards and outwards to be 3 bedroomed, but even then it has a small footprint.  Let’s just say our youngest daughter’s bedroom doubles as an office and music room for my partner’s musical endeavours.  It’s a good thing she’s not old enough to be bothered by these things!

We do love our house, but with four of us living here (plus pets) we do get on top of each other a bit.  We’ve had to learn some clever tricks to maximise the space so as not to want to kill each other on a regular basis.

My first post of our small house hacks series is of the baby variety.

I was kindly given some Amazon vouchers as a gift from my work when I had my youngest.  I sat on them for a while, as we kept a lot of our old baby gear and we felt there was nothing we didn’t already have or could borrow.  As we hit the weaning stage at 6 months I knew we needed a highchair of sorts, and that’s where the vouchers came in.

With my eldest we had a wooden highchair that although looked lovely, was a pain in the bum all round.  Our little Houdini managed to get out of the straps from an early age, it was a nightmare to get into the nooks and crannies to clean, and it took up a lot of room in our living room.  I cursed the thing with ALL the swear words on a daily basis after constantly stubbing my toe on it.

Second time round I was adamant to go for function over style, and would not entertain a wooden highchair, as pretty as they are.  And with no room to spare for even a folding high chair, I decided to look into travel high chairs.  I came across this iSafe one, and thought it fitted the bill perfectly.

small house hacks

The iSafe travel highchair is pretty amazing.   It takes up precisely zero floor space. It fixes securely to the table and my daughter can’t get out of the straps.  We can take it off and take it to grandparents houses.  And, for the biggie, when it gets dirty (which is often) you can pop it in the washing machine and it comes out spotless.  We’ve been using it for 8 months now and it still looks like new, unlike the wooden high chair, which by this stage was completely encrusted in various unidentifiable foodstuffs.

We haven’t bought many baby things this time around, but it’s safe to say this is my favourite purchase.  My daughter seems really happy in it too – she gets to sit right beside us and her big sister at mealtimes, and has a presiding view right over the dinner table.  It’s her happy place, I’m sure.

I used Amazon because I had vouchers to use there, but I wouldn’t normally use Amazon.  You can purchase the iSafe highchair directly from Baby Travel if you want to cut out the Amazon shaped middleman.

If you have any small house hacks you want to share, do pop them in the comments below!