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Healthier Baking Tips

vegan recipe swaps

vegan recipe swaps

You know sometimes when you’re browsing things on the internet, and you get sucked into an internet black hole and end up reading things on a completely different topic than when you first started out?  Or is that just me?!  Well, there I was on Sunday, browsing away and I stumbled upon a great infographic on healthier recipe substitutions for when you’re baking.  The authors say “healthy” but I would say “healthier”, just to be pedantic!

The infographic is especially useful if you’re vegan and/or gluten free and looking for ideas for ingredient substitutions as a lot of the swaps (although not all) are for vegan and/or gluten free foodstuffs.

NB: The original infographic goes into a bit more detail about why the substitutions work and some tips for using them:

healthy sugar substitutions baking healthy vegan egg substitutionshealthy vegan fat substitutions bakinghealthy baking tips healthy flour starch substitutions baking

I haven’t heard many good things about using stevia in place of sugar so I am dubious about that one, and the idea of a cake iced in marshmallow fluff doesn’t especially appeal (although it is vegetarian, surprisingly), but some of the other suggestions sound pretty good.  I’d like to give the chia seeds in place of an egg a go, and I for one am especially intrigued by the idea of using black beans in place of flour in chocolate brownies!  It sounds a bit out there, but I am itching to give it a go just to try it!  Would you do it?  Or have you tried it?  Did it work?  Was it tasty?  I’m all ears!

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Main image from here, all infographic images from The Greatist

Food & Drink, Kitchen Staples

Vegetarian Kitchen Staples

kitchen staples for vegetarians

vegetarian kitchen staples

I’ve been full on vegetarian for about seven years now, and before that mostly vegetarian for 8 years.  I’ve never been a big fan of meat, and luckily my other half isn’t either – he’s vegetarian too.  In our years of vegetarianism we’ve really honed down our vegetarian kitchen staples, and know the most versatile and useful items to have to make any meal.   Even when we’re down to not very much food, we can pretty much always whip up a stew or chili with what we’ve got left.

After the jump you’ll find my list of vegetarian kitchen staples: