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Facts About Meat That Will Shock You

facts about meat

facts about meat

Whether you’re a die-hard meat eater, an occasional meat eater, or vegetarian or vegan then this facts about meat infographic from Pounds to Pocket is sure to be of interest.

It’s not just looking at the meat industry: it does look at cheese too, so vegetarians don’t get off too lightly!  I’ve been a vegetarian for many years now, but try as I can I’m not vegan.  Cheese is actually my Achilles heel (especially halloumi) so it’s something I often feel guilty about.  I do try to limit my dairy consumption by eating a lot of dairy free chilies, stews and curries.  We’ve also switched to dairy free alternatives where we can, such as almond milk and vegan butter, but it’s definitely a work in progress!  I think there’s a lot of guilt whatever you eat.

Facts About Meat That Will Shock You

environmental impacts of eating meat infographic

Was there anything in this infographic that shocked you?

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Tasty Vegan Recipes for World Vegan Month

world vegan month

world vegan month

Did you know that November is World Vegan Month?  Throughout the month there are lots of events and activities around the world to promote and celebrate veganism.

If you’re vegan, or contemplating either going vegan, or even just having a vegan day once a week, then I’ve got some great vegan recipes for you.  They’re peppered throughout the blog so  I thought I’d put them together in one place in celebration of World Vegan Month:

Vegan Recipes for World Vegan Month

Vegan Banana Ice-Cream – you just need a frozen banana and a food processor to make delicious vegan ice-cream.  If you get bored you can add a variety of flavours to mix it up a bit!  My favourite variation is adding some frozen berries to the banana to make healthy berry ice-cream!

vegan ice cream recipe

Banana Oat Cookies – vegan, and a great way of using up black bananas too.

vegan cookies

Roasted Butternut Squash Seeds – a tasty and healthy vegan snack made from seeds you’d otherwise throw away.

roasted butternut squash seeds

Sunbutter – as well as being vegan, it’s also nut free, so makes a great peanut butter substitute for nut allergy sufferers.

sunbutter recipe

These healthier baking tips also have a lot of good suggestions for vegan substitutes when baking.  I’ve also got a post on six delicious vegan cakes that you’ll love.  Just look at this beauty from the post:

vegan chocolate stout cake

c/o Ashlae Warner

And if this lot isn’t enough then I have a vegan cooking and baking board on Pinterest full of tasty recipes:

Follow Moral Fibres’s board Vegan Cooking on Pinterest.

What’s your favourite vegan recipe?  Do share and I’ll add it to the vegan cooking Pinterest board!


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Main image c/o Have Cake Will Travel – it’s featured in my six vegan cakes post.