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Five Green Roof Ideas | AD

green roof ideas

This is a sponsored post on green roof ideas.

After some green roof ideas?  I’ve got five for you today!

I’ve mentioned before that our new garden is essentially a tiny concrete yard.  It’s all laid to slabs with a small border around the sides for plants.  We’ve recently added a small bike shed to the space to house our bikes, and with its gently sloping roof, I can’t help but think it would be perfect to build a green roof on to help inject a bit of greenery into an otherwise fairly barren space.

I found the initial idea here when I spotted this picture:

green roof ideas
Photo Credit: Organic Roofs / homify

It’s actually a bike store slash log store in what looks like a small concrete garden.  You can see why it got my brain whirring!

I’ve since found five move green roof ideas on good old Pinterest that I thought I’d share in case you’re looking for some green roof inspiration too:

5 Clever Green Roof Ideas

bike shed green roof

Found via Pinterest on Melissa Jolly.

This bike shed is more in the style of ours.  I love the use of alpine plants.

As far as green roof ideas go, I love the idea of this second picture:

green roof bug hotel

Source: Greener Places

A bug hotel on a grand scale with a green roof (and even a green chimney!).  How cool would this be in the corner of an allotment?

green roof chicken coop

Source: Rebecca’s Bird Gardens

This chicken coop with a green roof is beyond lovely!

green roof bin storage

Source: Lisa Cox Designs

This is a clever and bespoke way to hide your bins and a great way to incorporate a green roof into a small area.

green roof bird houses

 Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Finally, in the last of my green roof ideas, adding a green roof to a birdhouse or feeder is a great way to add some greenery if you don’t have any outdoor space at all!

The best this is that as well as bringing greenery into a small space, green roofs are great for the environment and can be fairly cheap to install.

There are a couple of things to consider when you’re building a green roof.  You’ll need to consider whether your structure can take the weight of the green roof (as well as the weight of the water that the soil will hold when it rains or when it’s watered) and you’ll also need to consider drainage issues.  I think we’ll need to reinforce our bike shed if we do go down the green roof route.  We didn’t spend a great deal of money on the shed and let’s just say it’s a little on the flimsy side!

Do you have a green roof?  Tell all!

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A Stunning Vintage Home in Bristol

vintage home

Enjoy this stunning vintage home tour, packed full of secondhand gems.

I came across the vintage home of Bristol-based blogger Lou Archell on Design Sponge. And, gosh, I instantly fell in love with her Victorian terraced house packed full of secondhand and vintage finds.  I’m a big fan of using secondhand furniture and Lou has really used her furniture to great effect.  Our own home is very much a work in progress so I’m definitely using Lou’s vintage home for inspiration!

The Kitchen

Their modern kitchen is complemented really well with all of Lou’s vintage and artisan accessories.  This could pretty much be my dream kitchen.

white metro tile kitchen

The Living Room

At the heart of their living room is a cosy wood burning stove. If I could pull up a pew here, with a good book in hand, then I’d be a pretty happy Wendy!

wood burning stove

The Dining Room

The dining room’s pièce de résistance is surely the William Morris wallpaper, which complements the vintage furniture and accessories beautifully. The stuff of dreams I tell you!

william morris wallpaper
vintage dining room furniture

The Bedroom

The bedroom feels simple and relaxing. I love the idea of using an old chair as a nightstand.

vintage bedroom furniture

The Bathroom

Even the bathroom has the secondhand treatment with this beautiful old mirror, customised by Lou.

vintage house

You can see the full vintage house tour over on Design Sponge – I highly recommend it!

Lou blogs at Little Green Shed, where you can see more glimpses of her stunning vintage home.  All photos were taken by the talented Laura Pashby.

You might be wondering on the progress of our new house?  Well, we’ve fitted a new bathroom. However, we can’t finish the room due to a problem with penetrative damp on one wall, which we’ve just had a pretty hefty repair bill for.  Hopefully this will be sorted out ASAP!  

We installed a wood-burning stove in our living room a few months ago. However, we haven’t yet found the time to paint over the dark brown paint that currently adorns all of the living room walls (and our bedroom walls!). We’ve also just had the plans drawn up for our new fitted kitchen, which we hope to have fitted in the next couple of months.  As soon as the house is in a better state than it is now then I promise to share the photos!

PS: more house tours here!