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Free Cavity Wall Insulation for Everyone!

free cavity wall insulation

Want to know how get free cavity wall insulation?  Read on

Hello!  How are you?  The good news is we survived our house move in one piece (just!) and are settling into our new house nicely. Our new house which now comes with electricity and gas. And importantly, internet access and wifi!  Got to have my wifi!

We went down the DIY route and did the move ourselves, with the kind help of family and friends. And while it went well we have both vowed we are never moving again!  The whole house buying and moving process was the most stressful thing ever!  We’re now trying to put that stress behind us. So right now we are busy poring over paint swatches. We’re also getting quotes left right and centre for various work that needs done on the house, like our kitchen.

One thing that is pressing on my mind right now in particular is cavity wall insulation, or rather lack of.  Our house is really old, and we have ridiculously high ceilings – about 11/12 foot high in the living room and hall.  Even though it’s April we’ve found it to be particularly nippy at night and really hard to heat and then keep warm.

Is Cavity Wall Insulation Free For Everyone?

Thankfully our property has cavity walls so is a prime candidate for cavity wall insulation.  I had a search on the internet to see what the cost of cavity wall insulation might be and was pretty over the moon to discover that British Gas are currently offering people in uninsulated homes free cavity wall insulation.  You don’t have to be a British Gas customer, and you don’t have to be in receipt of certain benefits or of pension age or over to benefit – the offer of free cavity wall insulation is open to everyone regardless of age or income.

You can find out more on the British Gas website and you can find out if your home is suitable here.

cavity wall insulation

Are There Any Exceptions?

There are a few exceptions. It’s for residential properties only; and you can’t get it if you live in a Council or housing association owned property.  If you rent you’ll need to get your landlord’s permission. And if you live in a flat your neighbours have to agree to the insulation too.  

British Gas won’t top up existing cavity wall insulation. And if you have damp problems they should be sorted first. But apart from that, as long as you live in a house that’s suitable for cavity wall insulation then it’s yours!

Cavity wall insulation is pretty amazing. Over a third of heat lost from un-insulated homes escapes through the walls. And according to Which? our heating bills could be reduced by up to £145 a year, without spending a single penny.  

Even if you did have to pay for it, because some much heat leaches through un-insulated walls, it’s actually one of the single most cost-effective ways to save energy in the home. I’d therefore completely recommend getting your hands on the free cavity wall insulation if you don’t have insulation already!

In case you’re wondering, I’m not sponsored by British Gas. I just wanted to pass on my fortuitous find!  I’ve got my appointment booked and hopefully will have it installed before long!

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An Easy Dishwasher Tip to Save Energy & Money

dishwasher energy saving tip

Looking for an easy dishwasher tip that will help save you both energy and money? Of course, you are! Read on!

It’s been quite some time since I last shared an easy energy-saving tip, so this dishwasher energy-saving tip is long overdue. I know what you’re thinking – dishwashers are not entirely the sexiest of subjects, but bear with me, please!  

Aren’t Dishwashers Already Eco-Friendly?

I know you’re also thinking that yes, yes, yes, you know that dishwashers are more energy-efficient than washing dishes by hand. And you know all about plastic-free dishwasher detergent. It’s understandable then, that you’re feeling quite smug about your eco credentials whilst your dishwasher gently hums in the corner.

A Super Simple Dishwasher Tip to Save Energy

But don’t stop there! Let’s go further than that and learn a clever dishwasher tip that allows you to save a whole heap more energy with without any additional expense or effort.

Open The Door

dishwasher tips and tricks

My tip is simple. Did you know that simply opening your dishwasher door after the final rinse ends, and letting your dishes air dry can save a considerable amount of energy?

I’m not sure exactly how much. I’ve seen energy-saving estimates using this method ranging from a conservative 15% to a colossal 50% of energy saved.  

My instinct leans towards the higher end of this spectrum. Any aspect of heating, such as the heat involved in the drying cycle, is energy-intensive. Therefore skipping this step is bound to save a whole lot of energy.  But even if the actual figure sits somewhere in the middle of those estimates then that’s a heap of energy and money saved with this tip. Especially if like us your dishwasher runs at least once a day.

My Air Drying Dishwasher Tip

I find the most effective way to air dry dishes is to open the dishwasher door after the final rinse cycle ends. Then I empty out any water that has accumulated in dishes.  I then pull out the bottom rack and leave the door open for a couple of hours.  Generally, I find it’s enough to dry everything – especially in this hotter summer weather.

Using a vinegar rinse aid in your dishwasher, like the one outlined in this chemical-free cleaning products post, helps reduce the likelihood of spots on glasses that might occur through air-drying, in case you’re worried about that.

If you enjoyed this dishwasher tip and are keen to save more energy then there are fourteen other easy ways like this to help save energy. You can find all those posts under my energy efficiency tag, so you can saving today!