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energy saving tips

energy saving tips

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Compare The Market (those guys with the meerkats) have put together a fantastic interactive webpage full of energy saving tips for the home.  You can virtually visit each room in their house and get some great tips on how to save energy:

interactive energy saving tips

You can click on the screenshot above to be taken to the website!

Compare the Market have also just introduced a rather fancy iPhone app, Snapt, whereby you can take a photo of your latest energy bill using your iPhone via the app.  Compare the Market will then work some crazy iPhone magic and through the wonders of the internet they will put together a list of companies that may be more competitively priced within 10 minutes.  You can then pick the energy company that you want to change to and then they’ll take care of  switching suppliers for you, all via the app.  They promise there’s no form filling or questionnaires, and they estimate up to 84% of households could save money by switching suppliers.  You can find out more about the app and/or download it here.

energy saving app

All of that just from a photo of a bil!  It’s a crazy world we live in!

Main image from here, all others from Compare the Market.

Energy Saving, Home and Garden

Save Energy With One Simple Step #13

It’s been a little while since my last save energy with one simple step post, and I thought it was time to resurrect it, so lo and behold, here is tip number 13 for you:

save energy switch off microwave

Tip 13 – Clock Off

Vampire power is quite a dramatic term for the energy that appliances and electrical goods use when they are plugged in but on stand-by.  Most people get that leaving the TV or TV box on stand-by is a drain on energy but forget about the less obvious energy consumers, like their microwave.

I’ve written before that microwaves are great energy saving devices: and briefly mentioned how we need to remember to switch them off at the wall when you’re done, but I thought it would be good to expand on this today.  I used to work in an office where the digital clock on the microwave was always on, yet there was a wall clock directly above the microwave, making the clock on the microwave completely redundant.  I don’t think this is an uncommon situation: the Daily Green say “it its estimated that a typical microwave is on for 70 hours a year, but draws power for more than 100 times as long, to keep the clock and electronic controls powered“.  One blogger found that in fact his microwave clock was consuming 25-30% of the power of the heating element of his microwave.

It’s quite a staggering amount of energy that could be saved with one simple flick of the switch – they don’t come much easier than that!

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