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Green Garden Planning

green garden planning

Today let’s chat about green garden planning.

There’s snow on the ground here at the moment.  In fact, just yesterday I was out building a snowman with my little one!  However, it hasn’t stopped me from planning out our tiny garden.

Until recently the small space has been taken up with raised beds where we sometimes successfully (sometimes unsuccessfully!) grew a small number of veggies,.  However, now we’ve got our allotment our garden can start to be utilised for things other than vegetables.

For my green garden, I’m thinking lots of wildflowers for the bees.  I’m also thinking about a nice area to sit out in and relax, and somewhere to grow herbs.  I’d like to keep the herbs close to hand so that I can pop out to cut them whilst cooking, rather than having to make a specific trip to the allotment.

I’m quite a fan of Pinterest.  Somewhere I think it especially comes into its own is for collating ideas for projects like your garden.

I’ve put together an eco-friendly gardening board where I pin anything that I feel is inspiring or useful.  Prior to having my Pinterest account, I would save web pages to my bookmarks folder.  But then found I’d never look at them again as they’d get lost in the muddle of other bookmarks.  

Great Green Garden Ideas 

Now I can easily find good ideas such as this recycled pallet planter that I’d love to attach to our shed to save space:

recycled pallet planter

Or this great idea of growing seeds in eggshells instead of plastic containers:

grow seeds in eggshells

In fact, I’ve got a whole board of green garden ideas you can follow!  You can find it below:

Follow Moral Fibres’s board Eco-Friendly Gardens on Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest?  What do you find it useful for?

I also have this post on sustainable garden ideas that you might find useful.

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Handy Vegetable Planting Calendar & Guide

vegetable planting calendar
vegetable planting calendar

Looking for a free vegetable planting calendar and guide?  Read on!

I found this really handy vegetable planting calendar and guide on Pinterest the other day.  I was browsing for allotment inspiration, and thought it would be great to share with you.

It’s such a handy vegetable planting calendar, that I’ve found myself referencing it multiple times already.  I’m sure you will find the calendar just as useful as I do!

For example, did you know you can sow such a surprising amount of seeds in autumn and winter to get a head start for next year?  And did you know that onions are a great bulb to grow, and not just for use in your cooking?  It’s true – apparently, onions repel most pests that attack crops.  Guess what I’m going to be growing right now?!

There are also some great tips here for beginners.

A Handy Vegetable Planting Calendar

vegetable planting guide

How handy is that?!  I know I’m going to be referencing it like crazy, especially the vegetable planting calendar, as we do more work on our allotment.

ps: In case you’re wondering, our allotment is going great guns!  The plot needs a lot of work – but we’ve cleared a lot of ground and weeds out and our friend has built a fence.  We’ve got quite a few big jobs to do, such as repairing the shed and greenhouse, but we’re also doing the fun stuff, like planning out our beds, and as it’s quite a large plot we are even picking out what fruit trees we want to plant (apples, all the apples!).  We even have some seeds and plant cuttings growing in mini-greenhouses ready for our poly-tunnel which we’ve bought but need to clear the ground for.  At the moment it’s still not much to look at, but we hope it will be by spring!

PPS: more garden inspiration on my gardening Pinterest board.  I also have a fledgling allotment Pinterest board – like my own allotment it’s a work in progress!