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Our Favourite Allotment Books

books for allotments

Looking for some great allotment books?  Right this way!

You know sometimes when it’s really wet and windy outside, maybe sleeting a bit, and the last thing you want to do is go outside, but you feel a bit guilty that you’re not working on your allotment/garden?  Well, on those days, we curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea (or hot chocolate if we’re feeling a bit decadent) and get stuck into our favourite allotment books and magazines.

Our Favourite Allotment Books

We have quite a few allotment books and magazines that we’re drawing inspiration from for our allotment and I thought it might be useful if I share some of our favourites:

Homegrown Revolution by James Wong

james wong homegrown revolutions

James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution*

My partner is obsessed (obsessed!) with this book.  He bought it two years ago and it’s rarely far from his side!  James Wong provides advice on plants that you can eat that you might not have known were edible such as hostas, dahlias and daylilies, and more.  It’s essentially permaculture, although James doesn’t refer to it as permaculture in the book, and the aim is for you to have a pretty and productive kitchen garden.  Consequently, we’re planning on planting a load of hostas (apparently great in a stir fry!).

allotment books

Permaculture Magazine

permaculture magazine

Permaculture Magazine

My partner subscribes to Permaculture Magazine, and he says it’s an incredibly useful resource.  The design isn’t the greatest, and sometimes they veer a bit too far into the hippie side of thing for his liking, but he gets excited every month when the postman pops it through our letterbox and has garnered a load of ideas and inspiration from it.  By the time he’s finished reading it, it’s always very well-thumbed, with pages marked for future reference!

permaculture resources

Organic Gardening The No-Dig Way by Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding’s Organic Gardening The No-Dig Way*

Another dog-eared long-standing favourite, Charles Dowding explains the concept and ideas behind no-dig gardening and its practical applications.  My partner is a convert to this method of gardening – once you start reading the book you realise that it makes good sense not to dig the soil and let nature take its course.  We’ve accidentally misplaced this one, for now, so no photos am afraid, but it is pretty good!  So good he even gets in Permaculture Magazine (see the front cover of the above photo!!).

Any other favourite allotment books?  Do share!

PS: check out these inspiring allotment ideas, if you are looking for more inspiration.

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Green Garden Planning

green garden planning

Today let’s chat about green garden planning.

There’s snow on the ground here at the moment.  In fact, just yesterday I was out building a snowman with my little one!  However, it hasn’t stopped me from planning out our tiny garden.

Until recently the small space has been taken up with raised beds where we sometimes successfully (sometimes unsuccessfully!) grew a small number of veggies,.  However, now we’ve got our allotment our garden can start to be utilised for things other than vegetables.

For my green garden, I’m thinking lots of wildflowers for the bees.  I’m also thinking about a nice area to sit out in and relax, and somewhere to grow herbs.  I’d like to keep the herbs close to hand so that I can pop out to cut them whilst cooking, rather than having to make a specific trip to the allotment.

I’m quite a fan of Pinterest.  Somewhere I think it especially comes into its own is for collating ideas for projects like your garden.

I’ve put together an eco-friendly gardening board where I pin anything that I feel is inspiring or useful.  Prior to having my Pinterest account, I would save web pages to my bookmarks folder.  But then found I’d never look at them again as they’d get lost in the muddle of other bookmarks.  

Great Green Garden Ideas 

Now I can easily find good ideas such as this recycled pallet planter that I’d love to attach to our shed to save space:

recycled pallet planter

Or this great idea of growing seeds in eggshells instead of plastic containers:

grow seeds in eggshells

In fact, I’ve got a whole board of green garden ideas you can follow!  You can find it below:

Follow Moral Fibres’s board Eco-Friendly Gardens on Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest?  What do you find it useful for?

I also have this post on sustainable garden ideas that you might find useful.