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Small House Hacks

tiny house hacks

I thought I’d start a new occasional series on Moral Fibres, about small house hacks.

Our house isn’t a tiny house per se, but it’s by no means a big house.  When first built in the 1920’s it was a one-bedroomed cottage.  It’s gradually been extended over the years, upwards and outwards. Now it has 3 bedrooms, but even then it has a small footprint.  Let’s just say our youngest daughter’s bedroom doubles as an office and music room for my partner’s musical endeavours.  It’s a good thing she’s not old enough to be bothered by these things!

We do love our house, but with four of us living here (plus pets) we do get on top of each other a bit.  We’ve had to learn some clever tricks to maximise the space so as not to want to kill each other on a regular basis.

Our Small House Hacks

My first post of our small house hacks series is of the baby variety.

I was kindly given some Amazon vouchers as a gift from my work when I had my youngest.  I sat on them for a while, as we kept a lot of our old baby gear. We felt there was nothing we didn’t already have or could borrow.  Then, as we hit the weaning stage at 6 months I knew we needed a highchair of sorts. And that’s where the vouchers came in.

With my eldest, we had a wooden highchair that although looked lovely, was an all-round pain in the bum.  Our little Houdini managed to get out of the straps from an early age. It was a nightmare to get into the nooks and crannies to clean. And it took up a lot of room in our living room.  I cursed the thing with ALL the swear words on a daily basis after constantly stubbing my toe on it. Knowing what therefore didn’t work or wouldn’t work for us was great in moving forward.

Go For Function Over Style

The second time around I was adamant to go for function over style. Therefore I decided I would not entertain a wooden highchair, as pretty as they are.  And with no room to spare for even a folding high chair, I decided to look into travel high chairs.  I came across this iSafe* one and thought it fitted the bill perfectly.

small house hacks

The iSafe travel highchair is pretty amazing.   It takes up precisely zero floor space, making it a great small house hack. It fixes securely to the table and my daughter can’t get out of the straps.  We can take it off and take it to grandparents’ houses.  And, for the biggie, when it gets dirty (which is often) you can pop it in the washing machine and it comes out spotless.  We’ve been using it for 8 months now and it still looks new. Unlike the wooden high chair, which by this stage was completely encrusted in various unidentifiable foodstuffs.

We haven’t bought many baby things this time around, but it’s safe to say this is my favourite purchase.  My daughter seems really happy in it too – she gets to sit right beside us and her big sister at mealtimes and has a presiding view right over the dinner table.  It’s her happy place, I’m sure.

I used Amazon because I had vouchers to use there, but I wouldn’t normally use Amazon.  You can purchase the iSafe highchair directly from Baby Travel if you want to cut out the Amazon-shaped middleman.

If you have any small house hacks you want to share, do pop them in the comments below!

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Relaxed Recycled House Tour

recycled desk

Enjoy this eco-friendly house tour, full of recycled items.

I love winter, but every February, without fail I reach the point where I find myself dreaming of sunshine and warmth, and bare feet on grass. I start to dream about even silly things, such as hanging my clothes outside to dry in the warm sunshine, rather than cramming clothes horses into each available corner of our house.

Last summer feels like it was an age ago. And it still seems so long until this summer rolls around, especially with Storm Doris looming over us.  And so inevitably I find myself looking at houses in warm countries. Here I like to imagine, just for fun, what it’s like to live in a place where it’s not dark for half of the year or freezing cold for 9 months of the year.

A Dreamy Recycled House Tour

And so, here it was, during one of my internet searches, that I stumbled about this beauty of a house. A coastal cottage on Australia’s Victoria coast full of lovely recycled, reclaimed, restored and vintage finds.   The lounge chairs were even rescued from the side of the road and then restored by the occupants – Kirsty and her husband.  I love how they’ve even embraced the coloured carpets that came with their rented property.  I’m not normally a fan of red carpet but it seems to really work in this house!

It seems like such a relaxed and fun space – do enjoy this recycled house tour.  And do keep your eyes peeled for the indoor swing and the porthole in the kitchen! House of dreams, I tell you!

whiteboard house as part of this recycled house tour
kitchen porthole
rustic kitchen as part of a recycled house tour
white smeg fridge as part of a recycled house tour
rustic dining table as part of an amazing recycled house tour
living room red carpet
recycled desk
indoor swing
simple bedroom
minimalist kids bedroom

You can see the full house tour here.  I apologise in advance if you too develop a hankering for warmer climes!  Or maybe even just a swing in your hallway!

And if you fancy touring homes closer to home, do check out this beautiful North Yorkshire house tour, and this Hertfordshire terraced house that oozes secondhand chic.