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Sugru Mouldable Glue Review – How We Saved £240


Looking for a Sugru mouldable glue review?  Have a read of my experience and how we saved £240 fixing things with Sugru.  Please note this post contains affiliate links.

Have you heard of Sugru?  Sugru mouldable glue is essentially a bit of self-curing silicone.  You can use it to repair or bond almost anything made of wood, plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, or even fabric!  It’s even removable too, in case you change your mind.

I first heard of Sugru a few months ago, and thought, right, it’s just a bit of silicone, how good can that be?  But then I kept reading more and more about it.  And then I got quite excited reading about all the different things people had used Sugru mouldable glue for on their website.  We had a couple of things that needed repair. So we took the plunge and spent £6.99 on a three-pack of white Sugru.  We then waited with bated breath for the postman to arrive.

Initial Thoughts On Sugru Mouldable Glue

sugru packaging

When it arrived, we thought “oh, that’s not a lot of Sugru”.  And to be honest, we felt a little disappointed.  It didn’t look like a lot of product and we didn’t think it would go particularly far.  I thought this is going to be a rubbish Sugru mouldable glue review! But then we got busy with it and to put it very mildly we were very pleasantly surprised by the Sugru.  If my family weren’t probably reading this – hi mum! – then there might be expletives to describe just how surprised/amazed we were!

What We Fixed with Sugru

With the Sugru we repaired my partner’s laptop power supply that was on its last legs.  The wire had suffered wear from where it attached to the battery.  It would have cost us £40 to buy a new power supply, so this was £40 saved straight away.  

sugru repair mac power supply

The mended laptop power supply!

Then there was enough Sugru left over to repair my partner’s drum stool. The stool folds up but lately had been folding up of its own accord, even when we didn’t want it to!  Now, thanks to some Sugru action it can be sat on without fear!  It would have been £140 to buy a new stool of similar quality. This meant we had saved £180 in just a few minutes of use.

And after all of that, there was still a tiny bit leftover, so I made two little hooks for the inside of our bathroom cabinet. Now I hang my nail scissors and a bag containing hair baubles. Just a little hack that makes life a bit easier

We Bought More!

We were so pleased with the results that we immediately spent a further £6.99 on another three-pack of silver Sugru mouldable glue.

That was used to fix a problem with our shower that was causing it to drip all night long. This dripping causing outrage in our house!  We had tried replacing the washer, but it seemed the problem was more intrinsic than that. It seemed that there was an issue with the actual screw fitting which would need replacing.  We are not particularly technical when it comes to anything to do with plumbing so that job would have required a pro.

The silver Sugru did the job and blended in with the metalwork. We didn’t do the neatest job in the world with the Sugru – we figured it was better to be safe than sorry!

sugru mouldable glue review repairs

The repaired drum stool (which got a special Sugru sticker for being brave!) and shower.

As well as saving our sanity, it would have cost us £50 in plumber call-out fees. It would then have cost us probably at least another £15 in parts (maybe more) to repair the shower. That £6.99 seemed like an absolute bargain.  

Savings to Be Made

I totted it all up and realised that just by spending £13.98 on what I originally dismissed as just a bit of silicon had actually saved us £240 in just one week. What’s more, the Sugru mouldable glue had diverted a few things from potentially going to landfill or needing to be recycled.

We still have a bit of silver Sugru left over. As such, I’m fervently eyeing everything up around the house to see what can be fixed.  Next on my repair list is a broken pan lid, and then we’re saving the rest for future repairs or hacks.

sugru mouldable glue review

But Is Sugru Eco-Friendly?

In case you’re wondering, Sugru in itself isn’t particularly eco-friendly as a standalone item.  Sugru is upfront about this on their website and says “a small amount of Sugru can help to prolong the life of complex and large items but in itself, as a material, it’s not particularly innovative from an environmental perspective”.  They go on to explain that:

  • Sugru is a silicone. Therefore the same environmental guides that apply to general household silicones apply to Sugru.
  • It’s not petrochemical-based, but it’s not biodegradable.
  • Sugru is manufactured in a low energy, low heat mixing process. However this is not necessarily true of its raw ingredients.
  • We encourage using the minimum possible for the job, and using any left for other potential improvements even if you don’t have another broken thing.
  • The question of the environment relating to most manufactured items is very complex. As such, we try to do our best as a company to find the most sustainable ways of doing what we do as regards raw materials, waste, recycling, and energy.
  • We work hard to encourage a culture of repair and maintenance, and a pragmatic attitude to problem solving. We hope this will help in some way towards making our culture more sustainable.

My Final Thoughts on Sugru Mouldable Glue

So, Sugru Mouldable Glue is not the greenest product in the world. However, I personally feel from a making do and mend perspective that it’s a really handy product to have to hand. I think that anything that makes it easy for us to repair complex items without having to buy new ones should always be encouraged.  This is just as well because I’m going to make sure I always have some Sugru to hand!

You can buy Sugru direct from their website or from your local branch of Maplin. And whilst we’re on the subject of fixing things up, here’s some handy advice on how to get your home ready for winter.

Have you used Sugru?  What did you think of it?  And what have you fixed or made with it?

ps: this Sugru Mouldable Glue review isn’t sponsored in any way by Sugru. I would have told you at the top of the post if it was. I’m just sharing the love of a product I’ve really enjoyed using and found really really useful.

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Charity Shop Style – Lesley’s Gorgeous Home

vintage furniture
vintage furniture

Enjoy this beautiful house tour, that’s brimming with effortless charity shop style.

I stumbled across the home of printmaker Lesley Greening Lassoff the other day when I was browsing the internet, and fell in love with its effortless charity shop style.

Lesley has furnished her home mainly with charity shop, eBay and car boot finds.  This decision was partly borne out of necessity as Lesley says “When I was furnishing the house I didn’t have much money, but it was an enjoyable challenge“. However, it’s clear that it was also partly as a stand against consumerism as she adds “I don’t like buying new, and I enjoy having a rummage or a forage in charity shops“.

Lesley’s home has come together beautifully, and I love the relaxed and cosy feel of her house. Take a look!

The Living Room

Doesn’t the living room make you want to pour yourself a steaming cup of tea and curl up in the armchair with a good book?  Just me?!

charity shop style
parker knoll chair
house furnished with secondhand furniture
secondhand house

Thanks to Lesley I’ve now added Parker Knoll armchairs to my charity shop watch list!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a vintage lover’s treat too. String shelves, Hornsea pottery, and chequerboard floor tiles ahoy! I love this quirky look!

chequerboard floor tiles
string shelves

The Bedroom

Lesley’s bedroom continues with the vintage furniture vibe. It can be easy to get vintage wrong, but Lesley has managed to reach a balance where the furniture doesn’t feel loud or overpowering:

2nd hand furniture oozing charity shop style
secondhand style blog oozing charity shop style

You can see the full house tour and read more details about Lesley’s beautiful home on Apartment Therapy. Do take a read!

All photos c/o Rebecca Bond / Apartment Therapy

ps: if you enjoyed this then you can find more house tours like this here, here, and here.  I’m really not sure which is my favourite – so many good house tours to choose from!