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Introducing Fresh Clean Home!

fresh clean home wendy graham

Today I wanted to share some really exciting news about my new book, Fresh Clean Home.

This year I have been busy beavering away behind the scenes, to produce a book!  It’s called Fresh Clean Home, and it’s packed full of over 35 natural cleaning recipes for every corner of your home.  The photography and styling are just stunning. And as well as looking lovely I hope it will be a really useful green cleaning book that you find yourself referring to time and time again.

Fresh Clean Home is being published by Pavilion in hardback format.  It will retail for £12.99 and is available to pre-order on Amazon right now.  It will also be available in other bookshops (online and in-store) on 1st February 2018, so you can purchase it from your preferred vendor.

Edit: Fresh Clean Home is now widely available! Find it online here:

Amazon* / Foyles / Hive / The Telegraph / Waterstones / Wordery*

Here’s a run down as to what it’s all about!

natural cleaning book

What’s Fresh Clean Home All About?

Fresh Clean Home is all about me sharing my very favourite green cleaning recipes and methods. This will allow you to clean your home without the use of harsh or questionable chemicals.  I’ve even troubleshot why green cleaning recipes you might have tried in the past haven’t worked and suggested alternative methods that will work.

What Kind of Recipes Are In It?

in Fresh Clean Home, there are over 35 recipes for cleaning every area of your home.  From natural laundry detergent to kitchen and bathroom cleaners, to eco-friendly homemade oven cleaning gel, and from to how to deal with mould and mildew effectively.  I’ve also shared the holy grail of green cleaning – an actual clinging toilet bowl cleaner that works just like those bleach-based alternatives!

What Ingredients Does Fresh Clean Home Use?

There are no unusual or difficult to source ingredients in Fresh Clean Home.  The main ingredients I use are easily sourced. These include staples such as borax substitute, soda crystals, bicarbonate of soda, essential oils, and liquid Castile soap.  For cost-effectiveness, the ingredients can be used again and again in other recipes in the book.

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Does Everything Smell of Vinegar?

In short: no.  Whilst I think vinegar is a great natural cleaner I don’t think it’s the best solution in every circumstance. As such, there are a lot of non-vinegar based products in the book.  I’ve even included alternative recipes if vinegar just isn’t your thing.

Are the recipes time consuming to make?

No: I’m mindful that we all live busy lifestyles. Therefore, many products can be whipped up in just a few seconds.  There are a few recipes that take a bit longer to make but these are all clearly signposted!

fresh clean home pavilion

Fresh Clean Home has been a real labour of love and I can’t wait to share it with you! You can buy it from the following retailers:

Amazon* / Foyles / Hive / The Telegraph / Waterstones / Wordery*


fresh clean home wendy graham
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How to Make Herb Infused Vinegar for Cleaning

Today let me show you how to make herb-infused vinegar for cleaning.

infused vinegar for cleaning

White vinegar is a pretty amazing household cleaner.  It is incredibly cheap.  It cuts through dirt, grease, odours, and soap scum like nothing else.  Vinegar can be used in a myriad of different ways; and is kinder to the environment than many cleaning products you can buy.  In short, it’s a bit of a miracle cleaning product really when you think about it.

Conventional cleaning products have also been found to be as bad for your lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.  Therefore swapping to infused vinegar for cleaning makes good health sense too.  

However, there is one downside to vinegar, and it’s quite a biggie.  Vinegar smells of, well, vinegar.  Which isn’t entirely ideal sometimes, and isn’t to everyone’s taste.  Particularly if you are using it in a small space.

I quite often use a vinegar spray to clean my kitchen, but I don’t want it smell like I’ve been eating fish and chips. 

How To Make Herb Infused Vinegar for Cleaning

In this instance, I turn to essential oils to fragrance my vinegar.  Or, when I’m feeling super thrifty, I turn to kitchen scraps and herbs picked straight from my garden to make infused vinegar for cleaning.  You see, infusing the vinegar with citrus peelings and my favourite botanicals creates a fresh scent that’s light on the pocket.  

You Will Need

  • 500 ml white vinegar.  Never malt, white wine vinegar, rice vinegar or any other variety: just white.  Here’s where I buy my vinegar for cleaning in bulk, cheaply.
  • A large glass jar with a lid.
  • Orange, lemon, or lime peel (you can freeze fruit peelings as you go, to reduce food waste.  When you have enough to make the infused vinegar, there’s no need to defrost the peelings, simply use them frozen. 
  • A spray nozzle (re-use one from an old cleaning products bottle)
  • A handful of fresh herbs


1. Take a 500 ml bottle of white vinegar and pour it into a clean glass jar.  Keep the glass bottle the vinegar came in – you’ll need it later.  If you’re using vinegar from a bulk jug then you’ll need a spare jar.  

2. Add a good handful of citrus peel to the jar (at least two oranges worth of peel per 500 ml bottle of vinegar) and/or a large handful of fresh herbs, and pop the lid on.

3. Leave the jar in a dark spot to infuse for at least 14 days.  If you leave it longer the orange scent will be stronger.

4. After 14 days (or longer), sieve the vinegar, and pop the peels/herbs into your compost bin.  Decant half of the vinegar back into the jar for use later, and decant the other half of the vinegar into the original glass vinegar bottle.  Or into your spare jar if you used vinegar from a bulk jug. 

5. Top up the vinegar in the bottle with cooled boiled water – so the vinegar and water is a 50/50 solution, and add a spray nozzle.

To Use

Use as you would any other cleaning product.  However do not use it on granite, marble, or natural stone, as it will damage these surfaces.

How to Store Your Herb Infused Vinegar

Your diluted cleaner should keep for around 8 weeks.  Undiluted it will keep indefinitely.

If you have any pine clippings, then you can also make pine-infused vinegar for cleaning.