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Eco Friendly Lunch Supplies

zero waste lunch supplies

zero waste lunch supplies

Hello!  Let’s talk eco friendly lunch supplies today.  I have gotten much better at packing my own lunch for work since going back after being on maternity leave, but some of my lunchware leaves a lot to be desired.  We have a lot of red stained plastic tupperware boxes that I’d like to replace with something a bit more durable once they wear out.  I’d actually like to replace all of our plastic tupperware as we go with glass and stainless steel containers, but at the same time I don’t want to throw out perfectly good tupperware, so it’s going to be a bit of a long process!

If you’re looking for some eco friendly lunch supplies ideas too then I’ve put a guide together of some things that have caught my eye over the last little while:

eco friendly lunch supplies

Reusable Cutlery Set (£12.50) – a pretty little cutlery set perfect for stashing in your bag or in your desk drawer.

KeepCup (£16) – like treating yourself to a takeaway tea or coffee at work?  Why not invest in a beautiful KeepCup?  Some coffee shops will even give you a discount for using a resusable cup, so over time the cup will eventually pay for itself.  Win win!

Black+Blum Thermos Flask (£14.95) – if you’re the thriftier sort, then here’s a stylish flask for your commute.  I’m quite partial to a cuppa on the bus to work of a morning so for me this is an essential!  A flask is also handy when you’ve having the kind of day that requires a cup of tea constantly to hand, but you don’t want to be walking back and forth to the kitchen every half an hour to make tea.

Black+Blum Thermo Pot (£29.95) – I have my eyes on one of these stainless steel beauties.  I eat a lot of the previous night’s leftovers for my lunch.  In fact, we’ve got into a habit of making a little bit more dinner so that be both have enough to take to work the next day for lunch.  Sometimes I use tupperware, and sometimes I use a glass jar to transport my food but this looks sturdier and has the added bonus that you can heat up your food in the morning and have a hot lunch at work without having to wait in the microwave queue.

LunchBots Stainless Steel Lunch Box (£32.00) (10% discount with first order) – this stainless steel bento box is exactly what I’d like to replace my tupperware sandwich box with.  It’s perfect for fitting in a sandwich and a couple of snacks on the side.

Jerry Bottle (£17.99) – Jerry Bottles are the ultimate water bottle.  Beautiful.  Plastic free.  Leak proof.  And 100% of profits go to funding clean water projects around the world.  On the base of each bottle is a set of co-ordinates pinpointing exactly which village your purchase is helping to fund clean water in.  Each bottle also comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Water bottles don’t get better than this.

Keep Leaf Sandwich Bag (£6) – if you don’t like carrying a lunchbox around then a good alternative is a sandwich bag.  This reusable sandwich bag makes for a good eco friendly alternative to plastic zip lock bags or cling film/tin foil.

What are your favourite eco friendly lunch supplies?

ps:  you might also be interested in my beeswax food wrap DIY as a homemade alternative to cling film.

Energy Saving, Home and Garden

AD | HomeHero 100K Balloons For Earth Hour

HomeHero energy saving

HomeHero energy saving

This is a sponsored post in association with HomeHero

After twelve years working in the environmental sector, there is one thing that I know – that the topic of energy saving can be more than a little dry.  The thing is we all know that saving energy equals saving money, and that’s it’s a good thing for the environment, but it’s really hard to dress up energy efficiency as something particularly fun or engaging.

To combat this, HomeHero, a virtual energy assistant that saves you money on your bill, have devised a 100K Balloons for Earth Hour game that you play via Facebook Messenger.

When something like this comes along seeking to make energy efficiency fun, engaging and informative all at the same time then I am all for it.  And it’s not just me that’s all for it – in the last couple of weeks hundreds of homes in Britain having been discovering how each home can cut its carbon emissions by 1 tonne by playing what has been described as Pokemon Go for energy efficiency.

With HomeHero’s Balloon Hunt, taking control of your energy costs & lowering your carbon footprint is as easy as taking a photo.  Indeed, to play all you have to do to take part is take a photo of an appliance in your home.  HomeHero’s clever software then instantly recognises what you have taken a photo off and offers you information on usage, and tips on how to save energy with that particular appliance.    E.g. take a photo of a kettle and HomeHero will tell you that a kettle uses £23 per year in electricity, and that boiling only what you need will save £11 a year or 3,300 balloons of CO2.

homehero earth hour balloon challenge

The goal of the Balloon Hunt is to find savings of 100,000 balloons, which is equal to 1 tonne of carbon & the 2025 Paris Agreement’s carbon reduction target for British homes.

HomeHero say that on average people playing the Balloon Hunt find £340 in savings for their energy bill.  What’s more, to celebrate the upcoming annual Earth Hour, HomeHero are running a competition where one lucky winner who finds their 100k balloons in their house will win a prize of £5,000.  The competition closes on 27th March 2017 at 12pm.

So, this year why don’t you do more than just turn off your lights for Earth Hour, and get playing?  

I scored 101,300 balloons – see if you can beat me! ;)  Let me know what score you get in the comments below!